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America Turns the Lights on (US Election)

The lights go on

And the darkness slips away, from

The podium

The Twitter fueled hate

The stockpiling of lies, we thought it was too late


But it Brings a better day

Brings a better day

Brings a better day


A tombstone is lifted

And people can now breath

Not suffocating from insanity

And his personal greed


It brings a better day

Brings a better d...

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bidentrumpUS electionsUSA

It’s Bleak up North, now

It’s Bleak up North, now


Not because of the virus

But the business and people’s jobs

That will fall now


Tears 3:

The pubs that will not open their doors again


Tears 3:

The Christmas presents that won’t be bought


Tears 3:

The homelessness that will grow bigger


But not at your door…


The virus is a killer.


But you wouldn’t give ou...

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andy burnhamgreater manchesrermerseyside

I am my own worst Enemy

I am my own

Worst enemy

Perfectly made by you…


Seasoned with temper

Peppered with self-loathing

Add a dash of despondency


And there I go…


I am my own worst enemy

Perfectly made into you .

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angerpainful poem

As I get older …

As I get older …

The memories

become more painful


you would think…

 so far from the source

that they would have faded to a



But they shine brighter …

Than the first inflicted blows


Like a mosquito

Bloated on blood

Saving themselves


Til now

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growing oldertime memories

Death in Paradise (testimony of a witnessed event)

A body falls…

Men dive in

Phones ring out

Faces look shocked

The ambulance arrives…

A dead body is put inside


And the corner shop is


We put the beer in the bag

Hope the water is back on

Plan the telly


As an ambulance speeds by

Under a  milky moon 


Back home…

the neighbour

Brushed by…

his brother had drowned

and died

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death from the seadrowning

Let’s Break the Evening up

Let’s break the evening up

Because they’re fighting,

You in the red corner

Fighting with the sheets

Wrestling the nightmares

Shouting at people

In your sleep



Let’s break up the evening

Because you’re fighting



Out for the count

The memories and sorrows

(or whatever they were)

Turn off the light

And your despair



Let’s bre...

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Night sleep terrors fearNightmares

ONE Hagia Sophia

To walk and see…

Christ’s outstretched hand

Calling you to his side.

Mingling with the Koran

Declaring god’s love to those

Who carry him inside


Prayers that have echoed

In this chamber for centuries

Christian and Muslim cemented in the walls

To remind us…

That faith is not war


But now the veil has fallen…

Christ’s eyes hidden

Turning his back in sha...

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hagia sofia

Turning Darkness to Light (for Leonard Cohen)

Broken, turning to the arm of the record player

resting down the crackling voice

telling you what you have just been through

and will do again, and you are not alone.


And the words seep in like a porous sponge

just wanting to be healed and protected


and you carry his armour

of a trilby hat

not so fitting suit

a smile that would fit perfectly on a child


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leonard cohen

In Our Eyes

One day I will not need to wear glasses

Because you have smashed up

All hope in my eyes


One day I will not wear glasses

Because you have stocked up so much hatred

That we have all become blind


One day we will all need to wear…

Very, very, dark glasses

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donald trump

WE live by the hands of others

We live by  the hands of others

Not seen by you or me


They pass the parcel

Stand at the till

Nurse the wounded

Or keep order


We live  by  the hands of others

Not seen by you or me


Our hands scrubbed clean and safe




We  live by and are grateful to others

Who have to live day by day with that terrible fear

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Corona virusNHS

The Daily Count of Lives

746 (six fell in love more than four times)


673   (twenty had no regrets)


714   (five could still feel their first kiss)


643   (twenty-seven looked at photos of their loved one each morning)


547    (seven had contagious laughter)


517   (hundred regretted that their beauty had faded)


468   (thirty-five had worked in the same job all their lives)



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Corona viruscoronavirus

This Mortal life

This mortal life

Seems thinner now


As we move away from

The old and sick relatives


Keep a safe distance

See everyone as a potential disease


This moral life

Seems thinner now


And in a darkened room, all alone

She sits tapping her fingers ,

Hoping the bell will ring

Or someone will call


Her mortal life

Thinner now

Passing away


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coronavirusself isolation

No Sound

and soon the bombs won’t fall
and soon the bombs will start again
and soon the child will sleep
and soon the child will not sleep again
and soon she will put her arms around her father
and soon she will lay him in the ground
and now the screams of agony from the child
echo back with no sound

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Nice To Sea You

I am telling the crystal clear water
I am truly sorry…

If I’d have known
You were there
(waiting for me)

I would never have hurt
A speck of me

Instead I folded…
Under the city’s walls
Decaying streets
And people jampacked
With yesterday’s worries
And the future foreboding

If I had known…
I would be sitting with you, now

I would have waited,
Till the ripples of life
Brought me here...

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hopestrengthloveour soul

The Sun coming through a murky window

The sun coming through a murky window
might not seem like perfection to you …
it may be run of the mill

but to me it spells
no more returning to the cruelty of work
which soaked my skin with anxiety
no more dripping at the bus stop
and waiting …
to be sentenced to death
for not completing this or that form

The sun coming through a murky window
Is a blessing I never saw before
My eyes c...

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Modern Livingworkplace

A Threadbare Year

A Threadbare year
Still too hot to touch
Those that were poor
Remain so
Those full of hope
Chocked on feathers

Ballot Boxes
Full of X defeating Y

Why this thread of decency and kindness
Has become a dye
Faded like a hippy t shirt
Folded away neatly
To decay and die

Instead they are puffed up bloated
And the I I I and ‘we’ will make our country great again
No matter how many
Fall by...

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Boris Johnsonnew yeartrump

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