The Lunatic has left The Asylum

After holding the country

In a straight jacket

Of lies, deceit  and

Despicable behavior


The Lunatic has left

               The asylum



Trashing the country

Smashing up democracy

Popping corks when people died


The Lunatic has left

                The asylum


But the rats will enter again , from the side door







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BorisBoris Johnson

You Will Pay for This

On “Victory Day”  Knee deep in blood


The arms and limbs of the dead

Climb up you

In day and night terrors.

Murdered by you











All silenced by you


Your final solution…

Like the Jews in the ghetto.

All must go


But on your death bed

“Your god” whispers


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In the Silence

The cars outside my window

Rumble to and from places

Without a care in the world


The children scream out Mehmet’s name

To come out to play

And when he does

Their little faces light up  


In Mariupol there is just silence

A bird sarcastically chirps

A dog sniffs round

But there is nothing to eat


The rumble of tanks has gone

The screams have ...

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I wake up to coffee

My failing eye sight

Classical music  gently calming down

The beats of the coming day


My cat encircles me

Wanting food

And then with trepidation

I turn on the news



They are waking up to

An underground shelter

Darkness all around them


Hearing in the distance

The slow thunder of tanks


And the loss of thei...

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The Sirens Ringing Out

The sirens are ringing out

Did I wake up to 1939?


Bits of paper waved in the air

As a bomb rips through a house


“we’ll hit them in their bank accounts”

But no statement can save a child’s life


The sirens ringing out

Wailing across a Kyiv square


A mother in Donetsk a sister in Odesa

A cold chill running down her spine


“It’s hopeless”


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The slow tissue paper of lies

Inflation is going down

Though you know it’s rising sky high


He gets to the dispatch box

And says 2+2 are 5

“No, it’s 6” scream the backbenchers

“It’s 7” “No it’s 9”


The thin burning tissue paper

Of lies


Corruption is a badge of honour

The truth is a lie

Just sit back and watch

The country burning from the inside


The thick corrosive wound fes...

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Boris JohnsonBoris

For Once…

                           For once I didn’t open my eyes

                           And flick on the screen

Scan the news, designed to make me scream.

Posts and pictures of people “seizing the day”

Each not so subtly saying

“Look at me look at me”



                 I poured coffee

                 With my first cigarette in hand

And looked at something ...

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