With a new year now in force

No future found in false remorse

For what has been and gone before

Let us smile and shut the door.


With resolutions based in hope

And our ability to cope

No more "for crying out loud" cringing

At self-serving self-pity and why me? whingeing.


Instead, face up and vow to fight it -

Whatever's wrong, let's get on and right it,

Or at least try our very best

Whenever we're put to the test.


No more stuff about being brave

When making the decision to save

Ourselves from both drugs and drink,

Instead - just stop; you've a brain to think!


We can be our own worst foes

From our heads down to our toes,

Self-indulgence is the sin,

Let's throw it in life's refuse bin!


Moderation in all things,

Treasure the best that living brings

Love, kindness and care can cope

And leave the least of us with hope!


To seek the happy heart that sings

In the knowledge that hope eternal springs!






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M.C. Newberry

Tue 3rd Jan 2017 17:53

The intention of the title was two-fold: to show that hope
could cope - and having the hope TO cope!
Harry - thanks for the positive response.
JC - in a sense, this was written as an antidote to the sort
of thing that is likely to cause depression in even the most
evenly balanced state of mind. As I've mentioned elsewhere - it seems that "misery loves company". There
IS, however, a world of difference in the attitude that
is firmly tongue in cheek about the vicissitudes of life and
how to deal with them. I really do agreed with the words
"You don't stop laughing when you grow old,
You grow old when you stop laughing".

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John Coopey

Tue 3rd Jan 2017 10:08

But MC, our levity would not be anywhere near as levitous without the contrast against the self-indulgent whinging of others.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 2nd Jan 2017 22:09

Nice, wise, words M.C.

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