Where We Live Today

With so much hurt and hatred prevalent in society,
It seems like crimes such as murder, rape, and kidnapping might be
Everyday cliches surrounding us entirely.
I feel as if no other news is ever happening,
Everywhere I look, murder has become fashion internationally.
Especially in America, 'Land of the free, Home of the brave.'
Technically, just tellin ya, it's the land of the creeps, home of the depraved.
Seems more like the land of hypocrites and evil,
Home of the brave, I'm sure, if you aren't strong then your feeble.
And the weak are never found or they're in the alley with a needle.
They should simply wise up and spend some time under the steeple.
Then you've got the homosexual preacher slamming shots behind the pulpit.
Molesting little boys and thinks we don't believe he is the culprit.
A place where OJ can murder two people and walk.
A country where our military can commit treason, get pardoned and let off.
Some of us have had enough, just put us in the dirt,
Oh and look, there's another Amber Alert....



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