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Finally free to be me,for now I hope you understand these words come naturally.give me your hand and you will see, This is destiny god planned for you and me.

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Bread Crumbs

I write down words as they come into my head, Is it really you that wrote what I just read?,Did you mean all those things you said? You know how to find me,You always do.Its your turn for fhe next clue I am waiting for you.

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I asked

I asked If I wrote for you would you read it? I asked if I still had love for you would you need It? All I can think about is when we on that dock had our first kiss, Cupid shot that arrow and did not miss, How will I get through this? When you asked me to leave caused all this pain, Every day we have been apart has driven me insane.

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Touching you with these words

Well hello Thank you for the oppurtunity to touch you with these words let them quench your thirst like no others before I told you I was going to write you some more Now I am writing like never before these words come so easy when I think of you and now that you are gone what Am i going to do. It"s been a couple of days since these hands have layed I just wish you could of stayed. I know your in ...

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Touching your loving face

Kimberly Crumbly you will be missed By many

This Is from your friend kenny. I lost you to the heavenly skies above, My heart cries when I think of you love. I am glad I got to spend time with you while. You were here, So I am writing this for you hoping to get one more smile from within, show no fear let your journey begin. Goodbye to a sweet dear friend.

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Kimberly Crumbly

Get well wishes for a friend

entry picture

Get well wishes for a friend, We were just getting started and it looks like it may end.I have feelings for you, and I know you feel the same way too.You been laying in that hospital bed way too long,Its time for you to get up and sing me a song. 

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Grasping at straws

Grasping at straws, Reaching out to the stars.  We both have had flaws and Battle scars. Let nature take it"s course, I am willing to put this out in the universe for you to see and read, This is like first aid, we both need; As these hands layed. You are over there, I am over here, As I still care. Like they say come on in the water is fine,  as I add this to my vine.

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I am a writer

I am a writer as you can see, Laying beside her is where I use to be. Until one day, She decided she wanted to be free at last, These are to remind her of her past.

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Lay me down to rest

As  these hands lay,before I lay me down to rest, I just want to say I loved you the best. I am sure you think of the day we kissed,I have written every word Have you seen the list? Some of them even end with a twist I am a real person I do exist

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I Bet

I bet you do not think of me anymore, I bet you thought I would not write about the crashing waves and the sandy shore. You want to know more about me you do not even have a clue, As these hands lay just know I still write for you. I will keep picking at a open wound that will not heal,  The feelings I have are definitely real. Continuing to make it bleed, Giving you another one to read, Do you fe...

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Flushed and Crushed

We use to walk hand and hand, But you will not even let me take a stand.These words Are on the double,Must be careful which ones to use the wrong ones can get me in trouble. And you know this, close your eyes and feel my kiss. Hard to imagine what your doing, Can you taste what I been chewing? . These words can change easier than emotion. You put that plan in motion. I told you I was going to writ...

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The closeness we share is called desire, When we are together it is a fire. Without a flame, Music  just whispers your name. Diving deep in the oceans of a song, How can these emotions be so wrong? Erotic dance for another chance at romance. Sand sliding through your hand like sand in a hour glass.  Now silent under a tree your touch I do miss, As well as the heat from your kiss. Don't you need me...

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I have done all I can

I have done all I can, To correct the mistakes to show you I am a man. But in the end I let you have my heart and it breaks, Do you even have what it takes? You have taken something from me, I will never get back my sanity, Why would you do it ? Just for a fantasy.Is this just a test? To see how true it is,Just wish you would tell me you are mine and not his.

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You got to know

You just got to know I am writing like never before,Tell me you like it and just want more.Life is a gamble win or lose, It is Always about the words you use, And the words I choose.

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As these hands lay here tonight from my fingertips, Just like the words you once liked to hear passing across my lips.My feelings for you are real They still exist,Just like the day on that dock we kissed.My heart is still beating, Like a clock Can you hear it?  Tick tock as you are reading. You can not get this medicine in a Pill.

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Just when you thought I Was Done

Just when you thought I was done.  Out of the blue I write another one.  I write just for fun, And they're not always meant for you.  They are for me too!  Was your adventure everything you expected?  This is my time to shine; does it make you feel better?, as I write this letter and add it to my vine, another image of you reflected?

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Not your average guy

I"m not your Average guy, I"ve  always been told I am to shy, And do not even know why.Do you want me like I want you? Are you afraid to try something new,These feelings I have for you they never went away they grew,All this being said what to you expect me to do.As these hands lay this vine gets longer these feelings grow stronger.I hope the madness stays away and the sadness goes Astray.

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You are not who you pretend to be

You are not who you pretend to be, I am Who I say to be. I must have gotten to close to scare you away you better reach out to me today to seal it before I conceal it for every one to see.

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You said you would"nt But you Did

You said you would not but you did,You broke up with me to be with him And to have his kid. My Love for you I never hid.

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Putting them where they belong

As these hands lay here tonight Just got to know everything be alright You know I have been writing all along, Maybe now its best to put them where they belong. I am Green long and slender,I like to be seen Love me tender. When you touch leafs turn yellow. They return where they were born, Then they produce thorn. Pieces of its past Fallen petals Land then settles and wait for it another flourishe...

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You know who you are

As these hands lay today, I hope you are proud of what I have to say I stumbled upon write out loud So I will put this out there in the cloud for the whole world to see Just how much you mean to me without pointing any fingers, My love for you still Lingers With out pulling any punches And still missing you Bunches.

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