Tonight I realized its not up to you to decide me.
Its not my job to initiate conversation,
Its not my requirement to put on more makeup,
You don't get to decide what shirts you think look good on me.

Tonight I realized its not my place to lower myself to you.
I don't have to make sure you're satisfied,
I don't need to stop what I'm doing to answer to you.
There's only one of me, and there will be many more of you.

Tonight I realized that I'm worth more than your praises.
I refuse to compliment you endlessly, hoping for your reply.
I refuse to spend hours looking good for you and to go unnoticed.
A relationship is a two-way street, and your side of the road is bare.

Tonight I realized that I'm stronger than you'll ever be.
I know now that I'm just as healthy with or without you in my life.
I know now that I don't need to gage my happiness from the looks that you give me.
Without you life might be more empty but i will fill it with love from others.

Tonight I realized that I can love me for who I am.
I am no longer going to wear short skirts and eyeliner with hope that you'll notice.
I am no longer going to text you first.
I am no longer going to help you with your troubles, hoping you might reciprocate.
I am no longer going to make small talk with your friends to get close to you.
I am no longer going to lower myself, as I take pride in who I am.
I am no longer going to sulk as the girl in this love story, desperate for your attention.
I am no longer going to daydream about you.
I am no longer going to shrug off the hurtful actions you carry out because
Believe me, they hurt. And they will be belittled no longer.

Tonight was crucial.
Tonight I realized that, no matter how you put me down,
I will love the girl staring back at me in the mirror.
Whether she has you wrapped around her arm...or not.


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Tue 31st Jan 2017 20:09

Strong stuff. About someone making that change. I like the positive strength you articulate and portray so well.

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