Time again

And it was time again.
Moments had passed,
and passed again.
The grains of sand
running through the hourglass,
each one proclaiming itself
to the cosmos that cared not.

But it was time again.
Time for the rebirth,
time for the dying.
Time to awaken.
Time for the carrying off
of the old,
and the rapture of the

So long ago
the old had sown
the fertile fields,
and brought forth
a bounteous crop.
Now fallow they lie,
Begging for the
turning of the soil.

Aching dreams have
carried off the dreamer,
Longing fills the heart
of the lover,
Quiescence has caught
the hunter,
Time has done
all he can do.

And it was time again.
Time to pick up the hoe,
and to dream again.
Time to love and hunt,
to give and take,
to sleep and wake…
Time again for all.

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