Beyond The Boundaries Of Words

Beyond The Boundaries Of Words




     Hard Brexit,

Soft Brexit, tittle tattle tee,

It don’t mean shit of course

To the children of the streets,


     Strong pound

Weak pound, money for the masses,

Just keep the beggars down again

Despite them rising from the classes.



Cambridge, Oxford and London,

We all have the same ability

But the rich teach poverty the gun,



And courts, the judges the police,

Upholding safe society –

All evidence impeached.




     We darling buds of May

That squint the knife between the eyes,

We daring thugs estates do bleed

From whores who sell their thighs,

We have the capability

We have the intellect,

     But the conditions

Placed upon our lives

Brings only sad regrets.


     Suicides beckon

 A Suicide threatens,

Suicide becomes the only hope

As all freedom is imprisoned


         There is nothing

That we want while the vile -

The disgusting spend their wealth,

Just a sad acknowledgement

We want away from Earth!




     ‘Why cannot establishment understand

The compassion that we have,

Why does it take a hanging twelve year old

For they to realize their hate?

Why must our young be at the mercy

Of their lies and not live out a life,

     Why oh why in modern days

Are we -  as poor despised?




      Hard love

Soft love tough love bitch,

All clever guarded words

To hide a system of abuse,



Corporal the violence has the Aye’s,

I’ll see you rot in hell -

For your pitiful excuse.


     Beyond the boundaries

Of these words,

Beyond boundaries of

These words

Beyond the boundaries of

These words the child

Of now - only wants to die.


Michael J Waite. 12th January 2017.


Dedicated to the child that filmed her own hanging.

suicide poverty neglect children

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Thu 12th Jan 2017 19:29

Hi Mike, I don't want to try being clever in my comment, as I can see the anguish coming through so strongly and the identification that being a soldier gives on such a personal level with the undermined and desperate. David has made that quite clear to me as a friend.

A rare insight into tragedy for me.


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