breaking an azeotrope with unidirectional pressure manipulation

hooves of fire crisp the moss of the darkened moors and 

the sky isn't falling, it's just skin, stretched and starred, crackling 

overhead. we exist in a cloak made of prescriptions, little yellowed 

notes telling us where to be and who to smile at. in svalbard, i watch 

the northern lights, a neon bruise on the tiny patch of infinity that 

splits atoms above my head. chip away the cosmic barnacles that 

cling to the vast, ethereal scrimshaw we call life and all that’s left is 

you and me and the saliva that passes between our lips when we kiss.

◄ the golden ratio (2+2=5)

i will ruin everything eventually ►


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Stu Buck

Fri 6th Jan 2017 23:40

thanks colin. i was originally going to title the piece 'distillation' but there is something autonomously sexual about the replacement. ugly lovely is a very good description of both my writing and me!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 6th Jan 2017 23:13

I wrote some thoughts about this poem but bottled out from hitting the add comment button. Then Ray posted and mentioned the title and it's been interesting to follow the subsequent discussion. You see, I didn't get the title either, it seemed an unnecessary indulgence, but then again I can appreciate the writer's fun in that indulgence too. All of which I have to admit is not terribly important.

As for the poem, it feels like we are taking giant steps from one visual impact to the next with no idea where your mind will take us. It's kinda ugly lovely as Dylan Thomas called his home town.

Thanks for commenting on my Diesel Scented Flowers. It made me want to revisit what I felt was a quite impressive poem. Colin.

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Stu Buck

Fri 6th Jan 2017 01:54

thanks elP. much appreciated, its nice to be back. just going to read your latest now!

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Fri 6th Jan 2017 00:42

It really is great to see a post from you, Stu..such a fantastically unique imagination that really does its part in setting things alight around here.


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Stu Buck

Fri 6th Jan 2017 00:11

cheers steve, glad you liked it!

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steve pottinger

Thu 5th Jan 2017 16:34

Love this, Stu. The combination of language and setting and that incredible title... Wonderful.

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Stu Buck

Thu 5th Jan 2017 00:56

thanks ray! good to be back. awful insomnia and a busy festive season put pay to decembers scribblings alas but i fear there may be more poetry now its the new year. the title is scientific balderdash, a rather cold but strangely romantic form of distillation, used to express how, in this infinite universe, the slightest moments can be boiled down and made precious. ahh pretentiousness, i have missed you so!

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Wed 4th Jan 2017 22:10

Lovely to get one from you Stu. I'll try and dignify this as best I can. The title reveals my ignorance, but it fascinates me. There is a grasp of reality being skewed into the realm of Stu which I know is real to you and to be deeply respected. The setting for a real human show of love and affection is touching when set against the incalculable , and your prescription lines are wonderfully cynical . Ethereal scrimshaw is great.
I hope that works !!

regards Ray

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