Here on the winter high street

things were looking up

footfall strong, shops brisk

then I saw the bundle on the ground

Big Issue seller, news of

Trump the billionaire

a moment for that bright hair.


Coin of the realm slowly trickled down

discs of bright conscience

salves of small guilt.


under his hood shined in my vision

a former dweller under different skies

comfortable in his skin it seemed to me

as the paler ones passed by.


When prospects are this low

sad luck tugs at our sleeve

sorry to see us go

and can it be right that

someone's soul can be so easily raised

and so cheaply held.




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Tue 24th Jan 2017 21:36

Hi David. Your comment is expectedly quite a big deal to do it justice. Of course one's openness to major experiences do shape our attitudes to a great extent, and you have brought a reasoned and refined common sense to deep questions. As a guide, I would say that the earliest years bring lifelong challenges of adaptation to weaknesses and strengths. I've always been a sucker for the underdog, by nature. I suppose religion gives a blanket moral dimension to live by (in theory) ; but it is dubious if this can extend to a change in any major sense. 2000 years later as you imply people hold fast to ideals seldom put to ultimate tests.

Re the incident in Guildford, yes a hard lesson learned, but it feels like that liberty was a kind of rejection of the spirit of kindness, but of course everyone is an individual, so it is with all of us. I think danger lurks when we pigeonhole . All the world is a bleeding stage mate.

Thanks elP i'm glad you pointed out those lines, as I always try to sign off with a decent ending.

Ray x

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Tue 24th Jan 2017 14:40

I find those final three lines acutely poignant...a very profound question.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 24th Jan 2017 11:59

Hello Ray,

I have read this several times now, holding back on which direction to respond as there are multiple opportunities.

In many ways I feel like Stu, despairing of us all. He spoke about never changing and I think he is absolutely correct, we have to change as a species not necessarily hugely change as individuals. These days most peoples life experiences, and the span of life is not enough for them to develop reasoned attitudes to the bigger questions, of course if we are willing we can listen to those who are wiser and more learned, but who to trust is the question.

The state of affairs does not bode well. There is a "Big Issue" vendor on Guildford High Street, I have been buying from him for over ten years! why is he still there? can't figure that one out, he is a manifestation of the necessary status quo, and it seems he has accepted his place, not good.

Incidentally a few weeks ago my angelic devil son purchased food for him in addition to buying his unwanted rag, days later he was approached without hesitation and asked to repeat the kind act upon specific demands being made. Oh dear this cannot be right, unfortunately that individual is no longer in receipt of charity from my household. What does this mean, where does it end?


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Tue 24th Jan 2017 10:36

Thanks Stu I appreciate your view and the impotence it projects - I have passed that milestone some time back being much older; philosophy tries to handle the dire state of much of humanity but I think it is much cruder than that. I mainly try just to describe what I see and feel and maybe hint at another layer; sensitives like yourself must suffer by experience. I recall just after the war a general air of long suffering and the deprivations of much of what we take for granted today. It can a bit sickening how tight the screws of commerce have bitten in.
The poem here maybe has found its mark , so I don't take your points as a criticism rather as an affirmation. If we don't feel for the living things how can we care for other issues?

yours faithfully Godlike person x

Ray (sorry you're having a rough time - the sun is getting higher every day though).

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Stu Buck

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 22:08

i feel i could easily paste the comment i wrote on your facebook here ray. power corrupts and humanity is flawed. i am constantly surprised at how aghast everyone is when things go wrong. we have been fucking this world up since we grew thumbs. statistically speaking we are as safe and comfortable in our lives as we have ever been. i dislike this current wave of people sat in their nice houses on their i-phones, sipping a glass of red wine while the dishwasher runs in the background, complaining at how awful they have it. how about pushing all that negative energy in to art, poetry and helping our fellow man.

i suppose not!

im not criticising your piece by the way its very clever and topical and i know the spirit it is written in, its just i do feel we are aiming our outrage at people who will never, ever care and who will never, ever change.

welcome to the human race. we are all doomed.

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