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Oh to the sparkle ball

it calls for such beauty

Gown to the ground

rhinestones galore

Loveliness for sure

Prepare the face

to match the gown

Soon I'm wearing a frown

Pink sparkle eye shadow

became the enemy

My lid took offense

and prepared for defense

by developing a chalazion


Oh to the chalazion

so stubborn and at home

on my lid she sits

So proud and unwanted

Leaving me to determine

do I cause her great shock

and let the doc

carve her out

Or continue to bout

with all I must do

to prepare her for her

natural death...

By Lynn Hahn





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lynn hahn

Wed 25th Jan 2017 03:56

So right! LOL I find myself using all experiences to add to my gang of poetry. I just love writing so hey if life gives you lemonade.

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 25th Jan 2017 00:30

I also googled chalazion and just like Colin I wish I didn't click on images. I pray you can resolve this without surgery. I read that they usually resolve themselves. Dire circumstances at least serve as subject matter for great poetry.

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lynn hahn

Tue 24th Jan 2017 18:24

LOL I did go to a masked ball but you could see the darn thing thru the eye openings! It is resolving and I just canceled my appointment with the surgeon. Going to try to ride this out so it has less of a chance of coming back. Surgery can open a can of worms!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 24th Jan 2017 11:30

had to google chalazion and wished I hadn't after clicking on images but it was worth it to understand your interesting poem Lynn. Facial disfigurements of any type are hard to ignore - you know it's there and so does every else - you wish they wouldn't look at it but try as hard as they might they can't. We all feel bad which is daft. But we're still the same person underneath. Shame it wasn't a masked ball 😎

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