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Remember when

Remember when the days seemed to go on forever, the smell of watermelon grass and endless summer nights...the music you felt inside your heart, that fist kiss that left you feeling airy and light? How i long for that rush of innocent bliss...a walk hand in hand or an innocent kiss, the naivity that came with our unassuming youth..just being happy in what we thought was actually the truth. Summer n...

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Reflection with Hope

I look back in time not that far back, to a place that was peaceful and not constantly under attack. Where there were woods of May Flowers and places to hide, we built forts for fun not to escape genocide. Its so scary now, with all of the strife, as a mother, daughter, and especially a wife. I fear for us all when i feel so much hate in my soul... it scares me because actually love is my goal..


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Filled with sadness..filled with hate....anger brews inside. Even though I'm doing for others...they are in for a horrible ride....why do i feel this way it's not how i want to be but i dont know how to stop....i tell myself its a new day but then the hammer drops....i want to go back to happiness....i think that i once knew, where anger, hatred, sadness never used to brew...I'm good to no-one the...

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If i could grow wings and fly away, i would fly straight to heaven and get on my knees and pray. I would beg for forgiveness from the good Lord above, and all i would ask is to simply feel loved. I would bow my head down and give up my soul, i would pray to find happiness in any role, a child, a young woman, a mother, a friend...if only true joy i would feel in the end. But for me its a struggle n...

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ME                                            5/2/2012


What happened to who I used to be?

Fun loving, positive and care free.

Always responsible, get the job done.

Now I feel stripped of me, who have I become?

Sometimes a prisoner of the choices I’ve made,

Wanting to break free from all the rules that are laid.

Slowly becoming someone I don’t even know,


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Trapped in a space with little room to
Afraid to do anything, wishing I could leave
A sickness in the pit of my stomach
 whenever you are near.
My mind goes blank and legs go weak as my body fills with fear.
Wanting to say what I think or feel, but knowing that if I do
It will unleash an ugly person that I wish I never knew.
It’s hard to understand how this p...

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