For Me, It’s In The Eyes

For me, it’s in the eyes!


Yes, it’s great to have a figure like Monroe,

or the curves and allure of Bardot.

If she has a face to launch a thousand ships,

or hair that gleams and swishes, that’s a bonus.

But for me, it’s in the eyes!


Lambent pools that seem to suck you in,

Whose intensity demands rapt attention.

Eyes that really sparkle with delight,

or flash like flames with fiery fascination.

For me, it’s in the eyes!


A shapely leg may do it for another,

or a wiggle in the walk may draw your eyes,

but although these traits are nice

and may cause you to look twice,

for me, it’s in the eyes!


A modulated voice with honeyed tones,

to almost hypnotise you with it’s sound

can sometimes be enticing

when with sex appeal you’re dicing,

but for me, it’s in the eyes!


Through the years when I think about it,

of all the lovely ladies I’ve been dating,

that first look was always so elating,

when I became like putty in their hands,

for me, it’s in the eyes!

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Raj Ferds

Mon 30th Jan 2017 09:14

Can't agree more Trevor.

Eyes can express a gallery of emotions.
Did someone say they are the windows of your soul?


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