Serial Killer Butchers

Met two guys at a punk gig in a pub

Daughter was driving, was drinking 7 Up

Stood at the bar - pint in hand 

Idle chit-chat, waiting for the band

Minding our own, then this guy did blurt

We do that - pointed at me shirt

Printed on me shirt a Tobe Hooper massacre

Texas chainsaw - leatherface, abattoir 

Redefined horror - slasher, maniacs the lot

Oddball family - teenage schlock 


I said what, you cut people up with a chainsaw for fun?

Sort of he said - & my daughter said....RUN!

Inquisitive I was & began to inquire

Is this the truth - or are you a liar?

Cogs began to turn in their Neanderthal head

They said we slaughter animals, until they're dead

It's not the the nature of their job that made us scared

Was the look in their eye, & they were also fucking weird

Been all over Europe slaughtering cows, horses, pig

You don't get these conversations at a Beyoncé  gig


I said is it a career  you really  enjoy doing?

They said yes or course!......almost drooling

My daughter said Dad, I want to go home....please!

I said hang on, but I agreed I'm not at ease

Traveled to odd places, Ive never ever been phased

These two guys stories were borderline depraved

I've never met a real deal couple of psychopaths

Never met maniacs who enjoy mammal bloodbaths

Made our excuses, went to see the band

Farther & daughter, hand in hand....

She turned to me & said, a comment on our lifestyle

A term of endearment, really made me smile

Dad; you've always showed me never walk the middle of the road

You've given something different; art, literature, you've shown

A broader mind I have, but I'm not a cleaver arse

That's why I got accepted to London University of the Arts

We laughed  said we love each other & agreed to never change

Because we like things left of centre, doesn't mean to say we're strange. 


Just an average family day out.......

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 15th Feb 2017 20:28

Nice one Jeff, thanx for comment on my shake my hand poem, sorry just catching up, will have to read some more of your work, cheers Jeff, Jeff!

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Stuart Bright

Thu 5th Jan 2017 10:06

Excellent writing mate, really told a story- I hope you have another one for us soon!

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Rose Casserley

Wed 4th Jan 2017 17:45

do so dude-deffo jeffo!

Rose 😆

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Wed 4th Jan 2017 17:38

cleaver arse.....well spotted.....& it's a typo I might leave? Jeff......

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Wed 4th Jan 2017 17:35 was impossible to put into words how scary these two guys were. I've been travelling to some odd places all my life, & met some right wierdos form all over the world, but these two scared the shit out of me.....Jeff....

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Wed 4th Jan 2017 17:24

This has lots of layers that can be analysed separately Jeff, so it demands a lot of thinking about. eg. you wouldn't call pro butchers psychopathic, but someone who fantasizes about it and just satisfies a blood lust is a different beast. Your implication is these guys actually earn a living ! Strange stories do come out of pubs I know. Your family in the mix is a great contrast to all that and gives it a lot of depth and an antedote I feel.
Anyway a fine piece of poetry about life expressed powerfully.


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Rose Casserley

Wed 4th Jan 2017 17:20

"cleaver arse"? intended pun? beautiful/hilarious/scary poem sir! zipping me gimp suit gob-hole up again

later dude.

Rose 😈🎃

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