No Place For Angels

No Place For Angels



     We believed,

We thought nothing could stop

‘Our’ evolution,

     Would even go to

War to settle difference of


     But, we’re no different

Now than thousands upon

Thousands of blind years,

     For we’re still singing war songs

And frightening the babes

So distraught as shells fall

And Martyrs scream battle crie...

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None of You Truly Know

None of You Truly Know.


     ‘They’ say they admire me, for holding back

On my fists, then taking a beating

For the mercy I give.

And oh to be in England during

The summer don’t mean a shit,

Unless shared with a Zulu

You’ve married and had kids.

And she’d tear you an arsehole if

You question her ‘Id.’

I know full fucking on, with the scars

She has give.


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Another Summer of Hate.

Dark Entry

Dark Entry


     I believed we were going places,

Could feel the wave surge; our collective

Will driving forwards and gaining ground

Into realms with promise of freedoms and liberty,

     But then a death,

Your death, my death, our death

Stole smiles that spanned the globe,

And replaced them with the sneer

Of hateful - inhumane forms

Who walk among us,


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The Comedy of Giants

The Comedy of Giants


     I once ran these hills without breaking a sweat,

And camped upon the summit of Englands tallest -

Singing punk lullabies at night, while

The stars danced merriment upon the eye,

     Those years were the personal victory

Of a boy who came from a town that only wanted

To cripple and belittle the shining ones;

To take away all that our elders fe...

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Spite Britannia

Spite Britannia


     Her tunic bathed in the days work,

Has remnants of spittle,

Colours of spat medicine and blood,

      Her eyes – brown and beautiful,

Tired and distant,

Tell a tale of solitude

The horizon doesn’t want to see,

     Accompanied only by

An accusing public,

She keeps her tears private

For the drug addicts and forgotten

Children of tomorrow...

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She Rang To Inform You Of.........

She Rang To Inform You Of........


     She is black,

I am white,

And it’s not about the colour,

     It’s just that,

Within the hatred of

Two opposing poles who

Look upon with scorn,

The love is even deeper!


Michael J Waite 13th April 2017.

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     My night was fitful,

The sofa lumpy, warped and uncomfortable –

Old like I,

     Fifty years ago this day

I was born unto this world

Without a choice but to live

The rules set before I arrived,

     And I am no better off this day,

Than April Sixth Nineteen Sixty-Seven.


     The morning peers between the

Gap the tired curtains have to off...

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No More the Sea

No More the Sea


     Even an immortal soul would expire

Before reaching the ends of the Universe,

For it is big, competing with time –

Perhaps in peril, where the

Sacred chalice filled with wine

From a cellar built from infinity,

Can bring back make believe

Deities now so desperately missing

From life,

     Oh how ridiculous the story of Man,

His chalice fille...

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The Family

The Family


     You see that person standing there -

That bipedal quantum being,

They’re most important upon the World

As they calculate their daily living,

     They’re so accustomed to the pain

They no longer feel their worth,

But they inward weep for all

The troubles shared upon this

Dying Earth,

     And they’ve never really grown from

The days they slept ...

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No Deal

No Deal



     Nicey nicey now,

Ease the soft fuckers in,

Let them believe they make difference,

Let them believe they’ll win,

     Here before your court

A truth sayer begins,

Knowing full well his bairns

May be taken,

Killed or imprisoned,

     One day you’ll awaken

to the carnage you live,

Eating the flesh of compassionate

Forms, while seeking forg...

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Our Denial of Hate

Our Denial of Hate



     Within the realms of madness

I look infinity in the eye,

     My hands outstretched to cushion

A fall into a darkened state

But the fall is never ending,

Never ceasing or explaining


     Infinity’s unwelcome grin.


     Downwards I continually plummet,

Like a Halo Jumper

With no parachute,

     No DZ below,

Just an ...

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If You Ain't Soldier, Then You'll NEVER Know.

If You Ain’t Soldier, Then You’ll Never Know.



     Do not compromise your own security,

Let every cunt and his dog know

You’re a weak minded civilian piece of……….


     Rome wasn’t built in a day,

Nor your life, or mine, or theirs,

     What was built,

Still holds quarter with all,

Be you civilian or military,

And that, is that as they quaintly say,



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Gorecki Plays

Gorecki Plays


     He was no narcissi,

He didn’t even like exposure

And despite the loudness –

Sought refuge in Gorecki,


His was a great misunderstanding

That in reality, became the pleasure

Of feeble minds,

     Rejected as sport,

Everyone he knew came

To lazy conclusions,

Enticed by an entity without heart and soul,


     He was as history told,


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rejection broken heart

The Silence is Beautiful

The Silence is Beautiful



     There is no reason on Earth they came,

No reason I could understand at least,

Twenty-three years ago,

A reception waited for he to return -

The frost from the Balkan Winter

Still fresh, still solid upon the lapel

That sported the Veteran badge,


A tired and slouched gait

Frequented bars he never knew the name,

His love cryin...

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Dark Flower

Dark Flower


     I don’t have the heart to tell you my rose,

For I don’t have the strength to admit -

Our lives lived are solemn among strangers,

     My tears flow like hot wax

With every pain killer you take,

All the pills of love,

All pills of hate.


     There Is something so delicately wrong

With man, with woman too,

When within their collective they bra...

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On Being Seen

On Being Seen



These are said to be human,

They breathe they eat,

They are equal to all

And all are equal,

Yet they have the power,

Power to take away

The pittance from a family man,

Power to stop a young boy,

A young girl from aspirations

With good working principles.


‘You’ve been seen!’

They say in their juvenile way,

And then it’s the food ba...

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Bedlams Wake

Bedlams Wake



     The Crafted hand and absurd mind

Seeks absolution from

Quartered soul of ridicule,

From the purgatory

And punishment designed

By deceiving devils,


     The Utopia gone,

All Space has grown only Hell,

Death itself no release

But an onward evolving



     Sincere optimism once

Bestowed itself plain

As day upon Sain...

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Kill Switch

Kill Switch



     Go on,

Go on and press it,

Press the damned switch and let it be done,

Let it all be done unto Earth as it is in heaven,

     As that’s what they preach

That’s what they preach!


     Where be my beloved Rachel,

Where does she go between the hours

My loins and longings no longer request her


A bar, the gymnasium for the perfec...

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Beyond The Boundaries Of Words

Beyond The Boundaries Of Words




     Hard Brexit,

Soft Brexit, tittle tattle tee,

It don’t mean shit of course

To the children of the streets,


     Strong pound

Weak pound, money for the masses,

Just keep the beggars down again

Despite them rising from the classes.



Cambridge, Oxford and London,

We all have the same ability


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suicide poverty neglect children

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