Truth and Lies

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truth is trickier than a cage of monkeys,

or so they say, and it's true, truth's 

sly sophistication shows our clever cousins

a clean pair of heels, it's just so elusive, 

so slippy, slippier than slippers on ice, 

or Nessie, given its facility to hide, dip, 

or nip in and out of the curtain of existence 

like a character in a Pullman novel, 

and tougher to fathom than the Enigma code, 


which is strange because truth must be, 

in truth, all around us, it must be somewhere

which makes me wonder, who trained mouths 

to tell lies, in every shape and size, and

tell tall stories, more storeyed than the 

Burj Khalifa, thick and thinly veiled ones, 

whiter-than-white ones, some with little 

or no disguise, others masquerading as excuses 

and because-because becozums, these 


deceptions have become the life blood surging 

through veins of family and social interactions, 

and tougher to stamp out than the tardigrade,

for lies thrive, now so embedded in our heads,

we feel completely comfortable when telling them,

and to our po-faces, lies can seem like truths, 

which makes the truth yet more elusive,

even harder to know, so, when deciding between

the prosecution and the defence, how are we ever

supposed to know which side of the fence is truth?


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◄ Adolescent 1972

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Paul Waring

Wed 11th Jan 2017 09:53

Col, great comments and very much appreciated. Ooh, religion, there's a topic and a half, glad peace broke out in your household afterwards! Paul

<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 11th Jan 2017 09:25

gosh, reading this comes hot on the heels of a massive in-Hill-house post evening meal debate on religion last night - the details of which I will spare you! - it ended harmoniously btw and we settled down to watch Dragon's Den on the iPlayer.

as always Paul your work is way better than just good and every word and line simply slides effortlessly into the next. The layers of thoughts are like the layers of lies that have constructed our societies and trained our mouths and embedded in our minds - I think we touched on that last night - me and the fam!

'more storeyed than the Burj Khalifa' - what a gem.


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Paul Waring

Tue 10th Jan 2017 18:03

Thanks Juan Pablo, I really appreciate your comments. Paul

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Tue 10th Jan 2017 17:37

That's true talk.
When I read the first line I thought truth isn't that tricky,
but then you went on and fleshed out your conception that all I could do is nod and agree with your poem.
I believe no one teaches us to lie, we just resort to it for a false sense of security due to our fallen nature and bad habits.

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