How can I tell her that I love her?

How can I show her my true feelings?

If the words “I Love You” are dwarfed compared to what I feel.

Not even all the jewelry and roses of the world could equal her beauty.


How can I describe to her?

That every time I see her my surroundings cancel out.

She is my center of attention,

That for her my heart aggressively pounds.


Will it be possible to convince her?

To tell her that my feelings for her do not decrease, but instead they increase without ceasing.

That my eyes still dilate when I see her,

And over her I am still obsessing.


Only if she knew that I have not been interested in anyone else since the first day I saw her,

That I would freeze up every time she would speak to me.

Talking to her I did not feel the cold in that December rain,

In which for her I would do it again.


For her I would do the impossible,

I would move mountains to see her happy.

She would be my queen and my companion,

Living for her would be my destiny.


I thank the Creator for her existence, and for placing her in my life.

Joyful that I did not coward, for now I know the true meaning of love.

Love that’s pure, that burns like a flame.

Love that I cannot get enough of.


Our passion is still young.

Still, the flame that feeds it shows no signs of burning out.

We pass every test and tribulations,

And our love will forever burn.

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<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 25th Jan 2017 08:04

on the whole this has a very pleasant flow to it and feels easy to read. Sometimes it can take several readings to get the flow that the writer intended but I got it in one with this. Thanks for posting.

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