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Please, please Farmer Brown; bequeath me your wholesome cows.

Leave me your collie, sheep and lambs,

I want your crunchy apples without the psssst pesticides

I’d like to live in your barn,

I want to hear the treesome of birch, ash and oak orchestrate the crack of dawn.

I want to feel the buzz of birds and bees at noon.

Heard they are building a megamarket and 4-star hotel running through your farm?

And a sordid railway. I’m not having it cause we’re not in a hurry to get anywhere.

I will lie with you in front of the bulldozers and diggers in protest.

They are but the evil machinations of profit-hungry bureaucrats

I will burn their blue prints of disaster.

They aren’t part of nature’s master plan.

Let’s stop this madness now farmer Brown before it’s too late.

Or is it already?

Did someone say ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions?”

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 15th Jan 2017 18:01

The constant "argument" between nature and Man's
desire to leave his mark. The trick (the gift?) is to
get the balance right. But leave a road or a garden
(even a farm) unattended and nature will soon return
to overcome (overrun?) any sign of Man's activity for
better or worse. Check how a quarry can become a
haven, or a disused rail track a path to a paradise of its
own past?


Sun 15th Jan 2017 16:23


I am wondering what inspires you to write your pieces?

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Sun 15th Jan 2017 15:00

A worthy sentiment and one which we should all reflect on - it feels sometimes like the invaded standing in front of a tank in defiance to face all this invasion. Is there a compromise, that is the problem - what is the balance? As with all great questions it is just another tug of war between opposing forces.


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Paul Waring

Sun 15th Jan 2017 10:03

Well said Raj. Too often we're sold the myths about the benefits of developments (e.g. HS2, supermarkets, etc) that come at such a high cost in terms of the countryside, nature and people's lives. Your poem reminds us of what is important to many of us, thanks for sharing it. Cheers, Paul

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Raj Ferds

Sun 15th Jan 2017 09:07

Thanks both.

Jeff I quite agree. The key word is 'unnatural'.

Colin now that I look at it Big Yellow Taxi does ring a become to mind. It was a classic.
Still, let's keep sending out messages to the powers that be as thick skinned as they are.


<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 15th Jan 2017 08:59

they paved paradise...put up a parking lot

shades of Big Yellow Taxi turning into a rant against our current times - HS2, Hinkley, fracking etc - we can do without them all but the powers that guide us cannot accept a road without profits and the environment and our health ultimately suffers. To a point we should make do and mend, make what we have more efficient rather than continually build new and let the old infrastructures slip into dereliction. It's how societies and businesses fail.

just leave me the birds and the bees....pleeeeease!

nice one Chakraj.

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Sun 15th Jan 2017 08:35

Hi Raj. Like this piece but would you consider changing " blue prints of disaster" to " blue prints of unnatural disaster" ...just my opinion.....Jeff....

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