The world and its dog seem determined to dump

All the guilt in their world on President Trump.

Yet it was the saintly Obama - looking back -

Who placed SIX month exclusions on folk from Iraq.


And the list of proscribed lands he handed on

Has been taken up by the much maligned Don.

Whose position as president duly elected

Entitles him and his office to be respected.


A petition to keep him from our shore

Has been signed, it's said, by a million and more.

Yet a demographic breakdown of its core situation

Shows most votes from London's changed population.


I tend to view such things askance

And suggest we give the man a chance.

For good or bad he's got four years

And I'll hope for cheers ahead of fears.


When we think of all that's gone before,

Let us be grateful - and furthermore

Accord the prez of the U S of A

The proper respect if he comes to stay.







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M.C. Newberry

Fri 3rd Feb 2017 18:11

HM is very adept with awkward visitors when politics
places her in that position. Look at those of recent
years...quite a list of "guess who's coming to dinner" - hardly likely to appeal to most diplomatic
guest lists. But "needs must when the devil drives".
I'd rather have a bumptious vulgar US president who at
least represents a great ally than some of the despots
who preside over other lands. Theodore Roosevelt was
a rough diamond but he was the choice of US voters
back in the day and served the country well. And let's
remember our own King Edward V11 who, as Prince of
Wales, was the bane of his mother's life and hopes with
his life style, yet proved to be an able and much loved
monarch when given the chance. Let's give the same
opportunity to Trump in his own country...that's all I'm saying. I like to live in hope.
As for trading opportunities - Mrs May would be remiss
in her duty if the changes opened up by Brexit didn't
encourage her to trot off to the likes of India to
put down markers for future trade with that rapidly
expanding marketplace. Common ties of history, good
and bad, can't be denied...as with those found in a wide spread family of assorted loyalties and ambitions. Again,
I like to live in hope.

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 2nd Feb 2017 23:13

`Respect` based on power is just an ordinary thing...the real kind of respect he`ll have earn.

And - by the way - all this `special relationship` thing is beginning to sound like toadying...they should tone it down.

And as for the `first in the queue now` thing it`s beginning to sound (Like May`s `begging bowl` in India)
...a bit like `sales` and `birthrights` and `pottage`.

We should all (Brexit or not) be God save the queening it a bit more...(remember....Patriotism!)

Maybe then, we`ll be afforded a bit more respect ourselves.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 1st Feb 2017 13:41

Thanks, Colin and Wendy.
In my mind, I was persuaded by the thought that we -
even more so in the UK - know only what the media
chooses to report - and how. He's got the job now so
let's give him the chance to perform according to the
promises that got him elected - and maybe even excel elsewhere.

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Wed 1st Feb 2017 10:14

Dear M C it's about time some one stood up and told the truth it had to come to a head before long and fight against the establishment instead of just having to please them . Regards Wendy.

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