Adorable and employable
Observe, as my top lip curls,
exposed white-tip pearls.
divided, exaggerated notions,  ideal motions, dividends on an emotional ever-growing emotional severance.
Ideas of a dead mans long-lost lust lure curve.
i have found home, at last, rest absorbs into this stale husk
Thus ensures a thousand year rest, at peace, at last.
The ability to cease.

Endless torrents, abhorrent idealists, humanism realisms,  flow now occurs.
For here i am happy.  
For here i am whole.
Here I am, complete.
Calcium deficient, valour incoherent, this is my humanic-shield of sorts
(so many holes) 
Where is my honor?
Sift through me.
Only few see past this stage
Like a game, another mammal cage.
Here i am happy.
here i am complete.
here i am, full, at last.
i am collapsing, here.
The Capitol of Rancor. Me.

A glace stature from avast falling ever-so, king crowned
Just another observance of thought
just another family has-not
yet another draught (wishing for rain)
old english, perhaps irish-ethanol historic onslaughts, 
in faust (we trust).
Building roads, only to drown in ditches.
Swift boots on the skull of another..
Bring them to the fire, try them, in vast quantities, or one brother at a time
For here Eye am, complete.

Watching as always.

◄ Sometime then?

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