They Said, I Said, She Said

I said my girls from Kenya

They said "why" 

I said I like her 


They said shes black

I said I know

I'd noticed that


They said date yer own type

I said what

You mean white?


They said have respect 

I said we do

Yer right, that's correct 


They said what yer got to share ?

I said lots

Laughter, company, we don't care


They said it'll turn to shit

I said why?

Do you want us to split?


I told her what they said

She was upset

Cried, stayed in bed


She calls me mzungu

Swahili for white

But it's not about colour, right?


We ordered ice-cream in a hotel

Came vanilla n chocolate 

We both laughed like hell


So I told her....

We're better than them

Even with different skin

They're colour us

It's early days, just a glance

Not accepting racism, will give us a chance 

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Gideon Puccio

Wed 4th Jan 2017 01:52

Well written Jeff... Love this poem. Very powerful and meaningful and the ice cream made me chuckle as well. Great work...


Wed 4th Jan 2017 00:17

I really like this. As always your work is simple, breathless, but powerful.

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Sun 1st Jan 2017 15:30

Thanks Paul for reading & the nice comment...& the ice-cream part is of course true....she still calls me vanilla & herself chocolate...first date, nice memory of the occasion....Jeff...

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Paul Waring

Sun 1st Jan 2017 15:22

Hi Jeff, this poem says so much about racism. I liked the touch of humour about ice-cream, it speaks volumes about the character of the couple. Paul

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Sun 1st Jan 2017 14:29

Thanks Andy & glad you took the time to read......Jeff...

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AM Cash

Sun 1st Jan 2017 14:03

Love this poem, its construction of 3 line verses and the message that it tells. A great start to 2017.

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Sun 1st Jan 2017 10:59

Thanks Raj. The sad thing is the comment are true, this is what people have told me...incredible! The ice-cream part is also true....we're still laughing, unlike the commenters...Jeff...

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Raj Ferds

Sun 1st Jan 2017 08:04

I enjoyed that Jeff. Beautifully expressed.
Remember Ebony & Ivory rendered straight from the heart by Paul & Stevie?

Please read my One Universal Tribe.

Happy 2017 😁

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