Supposed To

Who am I suppose to be?

My mother tells me I must be strong, independent,

I must strive to make myself happy.

My dad says I must be smart, work hard,

I must dedicate my life to building a great one.

My heart says I must love others, care for others,

But what if that gets in the way of caring for myself?

My mind says to stay safe, to be cautious,

But this interferes with my souls desire to wonder

To wander

So what, where

Who am I supposed to be?


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Raj Ferds

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 19:26

Like your piece MH.

I would say the answer to your question is the follow your instincts.

And pardon me for pointing out MH but might want to proofread your next piece because i spotted two spelling errors in the sentence below:

I must strvie to make myslef happy.


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