Wake Up/Despierta

I hear you,

I hear your snore.

I see you,

Sleeping without trouble at all.


But I am confused,

For you should be angry and awake.

La Bestia has slashed at you,

Calling you a thief and a rapist.


He is the dominant culture,

Thinking of ways to keep you down.

But we must think of our future,

And make it our own.


The clock is ticking,

The lines are long.

The sun is setting,

Over the red and blue horizon.


The day is now upon us,

And the nation is now covered in blood.

Our hope has lost,

And I came to find out that only 11% of you woke up.


I’m in shock,

For where is the is the flame that Joaquin, the LA 13 and Chavez lit up?

What happened to you,

Why didn’t you wake up?


But now you are in pain,

And now you are angry.

Now look at what your flojera has created,

The victory for the enemy.


Now you see the fear in your family,

And now you hear the cry of our people.

But will that be enough?

Or will you just once again just settle?


Please descendant of Cuauhtémoc,

The one’s blessed by La Morenita.

Great Builders of civilizations,

Ya despierta!


Show to them that they are mistaken,

Show to them the real Latinos.

Latinos with right intentions,

Those who fill schools instead of prisons.


Today it’s just 11 against 73,

For now, we must endure La Bestia.

Por Favor for your Madre, Padre, Carnal, y Raza.

Por favor…. Despierta.



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E.M Chino

Wed 25th Jan 2017 05:40

Thank you elPintor.

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E.M Chino

Wed 25th Jan 2017 05:37

Thank-you Mr. Hill. I am looking foward to it and am exited to be part of this community. I too hope to learn from the users as well.


Mon 2nd Jan 2017 19:29

I agree with Colin..this piece is very welcome. I really like the intermixture of the two languages and it sparked me to do a little research on some of the terms you use. The ideas presented, for me, dovetail into some things I've been reading about the interplay of disparate economic forces in South America. It's a heavy subject that has enormous implications of which, I realize, I've only begun to scratch the surface.

Well written and thought-provoking...


<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 2nd Jan 2017 17:49

Welcome Mr Chino - to you and your words. Despite not understanding most of this I like it. And I learnt a new word - flojera - which I Googled to find the meaning. If you stick around maybe you will tell us some more about your world. It sounds interesting. All the best, Colin.

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