I see it all, but I do not say much.

I spot familiar faces and long lost friends.

I long to reach out, to speak out, to say anything at all,

But I simply guard my safe place here along the wall. 

My lack of words mistaken as disinterest,

My expressionless face taken as a bad mood.

You feel uncomfortable in the presence of my silence,

But do not displace those feelings onto me.

I long for intellectual stimulaton, something to improve the quiet,

Not engagement in small talk in order to make you more comfortable.

You cannot see my mood, you cannot see my thoughts,

Yet you assume the worst of them, never taking a moment to ask.

I am not unhappy, I do not wish to leave, 

I assure you I would not be here if I'd rather be anywhere else.

Leave me in my silence if you've nothing better to offer.

Do not blame me for simply enjoying the company of the world.

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Mon 30th Jan 2017 19:19

Sadly,most of humanity judge people, things and situations in general prematurely. I believe it is a result of a defensive mechanism that went awry in most due to exposure to dishonesty, cruelty and the likes...

Also, sometimes we hate to be misjudged by others so much that we group everyone in a category of 'bad-minded people' as we say in the Caribbean. But what we don't realize is that in doing so we have misjudged many as well.

Truthfully, a lovely poem.

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