Keep on Movies

Action pack

Thiller like Mike Jack

PG-13 Comedy - Captain Jack 

Eyes on the sparrow 

Keep on movies 

Neglecting duties 

The horror

The drama

No worry

It's Sci-fi

No hurry

Keep on movies



A mystery adventure of the first world war

History keeps on moving

But you keep on movies

Hours of our lives in front of a screen 

Taste not, touch not, just seeing 

keep on movies




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Juan Pablo Lynch

Wed 1st Feb 2017 13:08

Thanks for your comment Old shoes...When my mom disconnected the cable years ago I wondered how we would survive. Lol, but yeah, watching TV/movies now and again is not a bad thing but a lot of people waste their life away in front of the screen.

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New Shoes

Wed 1st Feb 2017 04:27

very creative poem. I enjoyed it. I used to watch tv, then quit. only then did I see what it does to the mind and function of life. you depicted all very well.

old shoes

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