What is true love?

Fierce, passionate and enduring.

Is it best friends holding hands,

Chatting till dawn,

Laughing and smiling,

Sharing adventures, exploring the world?

Does it feel like satin kissing my skin,

Velvet lining my veins,

Wrapping its silk around my heart,

Catching my breath?


What is true love?

Fast, forever and faithful.

Is it holidays and sand,

Caravans and castles,

Treasures and travel,

Sharing secrets, hopes and dreams?

Does it feel like no to rain,

sand between my toes,

The touch of winter wind,

Catching my breath?


What is true love?

Mine, yours, ours.

It's a love of life,

A love of teaching,

A friendship built on trust.

Sharing everything we do.

It feels like dancing with fire,

Sparking our passion,

Holding our hearts,

Catching our breath. 

Love true love

◄ My Way

Michelle ►


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