Love Yourself


How can I love someone who I barely understand?

I sometimes find myself searching in the mirror,

For something that I recognize, something familiar.

I am not lacking confidence; I am lacking self-awareness.

At a point in time when I am figuring out my life, I cannot seem to figure out myself.

Each day I begin with a new mindset, each night a different prayer.

I thrive and I ...

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In the true scope of things, our lives can seem so minuscule,


Yet every experience, every moment

Every relationship we foster, is truly everything.

So significant.


We must not minimize our pain, just because others are suffering more.

We must allow ourselves to feel, to love

To realize that while things are never guaranteed,

Never perfect,

They are al...

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That Feeling Pt 2

It didn't happen quickly,

The fall.

Honestly, I didn't realize it was happening at all.

A few encounters here and there turned to seeing him every day

Turned to waking up to sleepy smiles and stolen kisses

And now I wouldn't want it any other way.

As time passes it gets harder and harder to rememeber how I felt before I met him.

It is harder each day to remember who I was then...

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Everyone who has every had their heart broken has had that thought-

Is it better to feel or to feel nothing at all?

In the heart of it, you wish to feel nothing,

Not an ounce of pain or heartache every again.

Is it truly better to have loved and lost

Than to have never loved at all.

Clear mindedly, I easily follow that with a yes.

But when you are crying out at 2AM for somethi...

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I see it all, but I do not say much.

I spot familiar faces and long lost friends.

I long to reach out, to speak out, to say anything at all,

But I simply guard my safe place here along the wall. 

My lack of words mistaken as disinterest,

My expressionless face taken as a bad mood.

You feel uncomfortable in the presence of my silence,

But do not displace those feelings onto me.


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That Feeling

It was that feeling in my gut

When I heard you say the words,

The words that broke my heart and sent my knees to the floor.

I had imagined our lives, together and apart,

But I never could have imagined the hurt you brought on with so few words.

You said it wasn't my fault, no one's fault at all,

You thought that this was best for me,

But that wasn't your call.

I tried so ha...

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Oh how I crave to feel the touch of the ocean.

My skin longs to feel the mountain breeze. 

This heart of mine seems insatiable when it comes to wandering,

To wondering

What this world holds and where my place in it is. 

I search for new in the old and for excitement in the familiar. 

How wonderful it is that you eventually find what you are looking for. 

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Midnight Blues

Each night I fall in love all over again

With this world, this life, the things around me.

The darkness is inviting, I find comfort in its depths. 

Many fear what the night holds, but I spend each day looking forward to the night.

Finally alone, able to strip myself of this worldly mess.

I am myself in the evening,

I come alive in the night.

The sun reveals too much, too many ...

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Supposed To

Who am I suppose to be?

My mother tells me I must be strong, independent,

I must strive to make myself happy.

My dad says I must be smart, work hard,

I must dedicate my life to building a great one.

My heart says I must love others, care for others,

But what if that gets in the way of caring for myself?

My mind says to stay safe, to be cautious,

But this interferes with my ...

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I never considered myself to be strong, before.

My heart, my mind, my body

Thought of as weak, before.


But I am no longer the girl I was before. 

This heart has survived every wound, every attack.

This mind has overcome every anxiety, every doubt. 

My soul, my character tested over and over and

I have failed and thrived only to fail again.

Yet here I stand.

I have p...

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