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The state of affairs

pressed, pressed, pressed
pressed down 
knees hit the floor board 
melt into the cracks
laughing manically like a crack 
addict. What is this? 

I don't even know anymore 
I don't even care anymore 
I just... pressed, pressed, pressed 
pressed down 

but I will rise again

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Pro Con

Contemplating the pros and cons

of being a pro. con man
I can't confess to my wife how I provide
she will probably tell me "con, done with it!'
cuz she doesn't condone it!
but I love my job - I'm a con gaining
so much money that one safe house can't contain it!
This is such a contrast to when I was constantly working
as a construction man. Building other people's mansions
while I lived ...

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Aiming for nothing but net,
that is, a net worth of one billion George Washington
Dollar bills paying off these utility bills and moving up to Beverly Hills

Aiming to satisfy my lust and greed, but yet 
I feel this birth curse called sin, weighing me down like a ton
a ton of bricks falling back to back on my back - dying of cheap thrills!

Aiming to turn this all around 
forget the rhyme...

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Love making

Wedding bells chime, the ceremony is over 
Rice rises as we make haste down the aisle
been waiting for this day more than a little while 
the day that I am able to fully embrace my lover

bad company asked me what's the point in waiting?
while they were having sex, our love was in themaking 
an intercourse of the mind and soul as we Christian mingled 
minus the worldwide web but we still c...

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I tried

to keep up with the popular kids,
to be Mr.Charismatic 
to be cool like the Arctic 
to be hot like the estival heat
to be fit like an athlete 
to keep up with the popular kids

I tried 
God knows I did try, 
but why? 

It was all trial and error
nobody knew my name 
was referred to as failure 

a misfit like Social Club 
an anomaly like Lecrae 
a renegade like Script 
an alien li...

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Freestyle verse #1

What is there to gain
for sticking out against the grain?
You think it's fun to be called insane?
Not in it for the fame,
this is not a game 
I ain't trying to entertain 
no, no, don't care if you never know my name 
just trying to stay in my lane
Yh, I want to assist those in pain
but sorry, I'm no Superman, so Lois Lane 
if you are counting on me, you will be Lois slain.
I'm not the s...

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Unrequited Love

Te amo tanto que me duele 
You didn't get that, did you? 
But can't you see it in my face 
a love that aches my very soul 

Like Mars, ' I'll catch a grenade for ya!'
but you must be you not see
it is my will I am stuck in love? 

'Te amo tanto que me duele!'
You gaze into my pupils and 
seem oblivious to my amor 
God free me from this dolor! 

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unrequited love

Domestic Drama (Part 2)

I could probably break his hand 
or end it all -slaughter the man
if I had a chainsaw, 
I could cut them to pieces in their sleep
starting with my sister snoring in my bed 

then bring the broom 
try to sweep away the evidence 
take out the trash
feed the dog and cats raw meat 

'you'll probably be caught 
but then you can plead insanity' 

Wait, this is insanity
this is really craz...

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domestic life


All I ever wanted was to be me 
All you ever wanted was me to be 
a mirror of your 'pristine' image 

Of course, I aimed to please 
I was your dog on chain 
with no hope for release
but that was bound to change 

My dear, pigs don't fly 
and hell will never freeze over 
but just like that Frozen song - 
Let it go! Let it go! Let it go! 

U and I are separated by an O, 
an O for ocea...

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Grammar school

wish I went
because after I've spent
so many time writing a piece
the reviewer tells me that I misused 
an apostrophe. Forgot a comma and a letter

I'm a green writer - I can do better.
Roll on and maturity is what I need 

''If you live for their acceptance, 
you'll die from their rejection.''

Lecrae said that in a rap song
guys got a couple of Grammys but
I think his music is hard...

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Domestic Drama (Part 1)

I know better
so why don't I do better?
Be angry and sin not 
that's what the word says
obscene language, 
that's what the world says 
I'm tired and cranky 
and frankly,
I just want to lie in bed 
but lo and behold!
She is sleeping there 
like Snorlax or Goldilocks 
and I'm suppose to bear this?

too tired to fume 
want to sweep this away
'Bring the broom, take out the trash,

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May we never lose our wander!

When we were wanderers
a house was what we wished for -
rooftop to cover us from the cold and heat,
walls to block the preying people. 
Back then we were praying people.
Pathetic paupers? Perhaps, but 
as wanderers we were at home in the Lord,
Our Rock and Refuge, singing happily,' Hallelujah!' 

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You the best (for now)
but don't get conceited 
quickest way to get dethroned
is to condescend the shoulders you stand on

No man is an island 
Shawdy, act high and mighty 
and you'll end up in no man's island 

Humble yourself
or you'll get humiliated 
worse yet - you might get annihilated

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It's all about the paper

My dad is Chinese 
but I'm white.
No wonder the westerners love me
in fact everyone loves me
but still everyone distrusts me
maybe, it's because I never speak my mind
I don't speak a word
not until I'm pressed to do so
and then all I'm doing is agreeing with the man

The man has used me to advocate truth and lies
I've sentenced guilty and innocent alike to death

helped Christians and...

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Colourful creation

grassy green pastures,
brown skin pastor
singing rhythm and blues 
about the crimson red flow 
that makes me and you 
white as snow

snow, fades as it melts 
but the sky is left 
with a colorful belt 
that reminds us that this green earth 
will not drown in muddy brown waters 

let's sing the rhythm and blues 
about the crimson red flow 
that makes me and you 
white as snow

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Mess with the bull,
get the horns. 

Mess with a fool
get the thorns!

Proceed at your 

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If you
can say
the same,
let her 
know now.

Oh, and 
by the way
my girl is 
my mom

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Breaking News

I don't get it. I don't get it 
but what is there to get?
brainwashed snow white 
Sprinkled with truth but 
it's all lies. They all die 
perishing for lack of...
ellipsis but nothing is 
omitted. they shut the 
truth into the closet and 
spread that blah blah blah 
fake news - nothing new
same ol', same ol' cliche 
''I have a dream...''
King, wake up!

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Delightfully blown away


My courage in the middle of nowhere 
she came into my life like a grenade
I reeled back to familiar territory 
and stepped on a land-mine

Blown away! We both were and then we weren't...just 
a myriad of incandescent stardust undulating like waves
in a sea of oblivion...a sea that conquered the byzantine 
walls I erected to safeguard...? (NOTHING, nada, zip, zero)


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love and romance

Giant flower


Falling giant
falling flower
one and 
the same
shrinking posture
fading beauty
pride stripped 
petals withered 
giant flower
good bye!


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Sexual immorality

are you really interested?
I play hard to get 
but my heart is set
I want you dead 
enjoy my curves
then taste my curse
are you really interested?

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Test the test

I just took two different online IQ test
on the first I scored 125
on the second I scored 139
both scores aren't poor
some may say I am brilliant
but I can not see 
how these test measure intelligence 
accurately...I doubt it 
what about literary genius 
that are weak in mathematics?
what about skilled handymen 
that are not good with words? 
what about and what about
there are so man...

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...captive, crawling, crying, completely cornered 
confused, calling Confucius 
corrected - calling Christ
cross-eyed, captured completely committed 
creed conscious

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send a ship
sent a ship
say no chip
say no sh!#...WOAH!
wait a minute
wait a minute

I agree with it for most parts
I agree with on screen censorship of private parts
and that beep beep, honk honk on Power puff girls 
and Sponge Bob was kinda funny
but these shows are for kids
ad they are touching so many mature content in
heady heavy undertones and innuendos...

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social commentary

Ignite the flame

Ignite the flame
furious love
burn the enemy's fortress
glorious ruins 
receive beauty for ashes


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dream or hallucination?
It was, it was, it...I....
lost for words

Yet the memory is vividly 
imprinted into my mind
I close my eyes and see 
see the horrendous gates 
the spirit within me sinks
a cacophony of deafening alarms bells in my head
drown the shrills of my panic-stricken classmates
they scurry in a frenzy to for me
I'm magnetized to my cold metal chair
I dread...

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Us three

MC Hammer and us three are called in
we sing woefully, " U can't touch this" 
but we are still ignorantly forced to 
firmly pin him down,hold him up 
his warm blood covers us three 
and it is revealed to us right there
that this man is also three in one 
the son in the Holy Trinity 
painfully crucified by us three 
we cry, ' forgive us Christ Jesus   
us three, knew not what we did 



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I vowed to you

When I said I do
I really meant I don't,
I don't ever want to leave your side

When I said I will love and protect you
I really meant by God's grace I won't ever harm or neglect you

When I said you are my one and only
I really meant you and I are twain become one and only

now we can lie together in truth - undefiled

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Stone not thrown

Jesus stooping
wrote on the ground
erased it
stood up 
asked the stone handed mob,
Glass house anyone?

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Unfinished conversations


and sometimes she just leaves 
u with y running through your mind
knowing full well it doesn't end in z


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Broken people.
Broken homes.
Broken souls.
Who can make them whole?
Not him who stands loftily as a steeple
but him who died on the rugged cross
died to save the lost
Christ Jesus, the son of God
and so cries Jesus, ' turn to God!'
and he will turn all your ashes into beauty 
and this I can say truthfully 
because my life is a testimony of his grace

To God be the praise


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Unlike a book with all blank pages
I don't need food for thought
but my thoughts are of food
like that Food Network guy (no, not Guy Fieri) 
like Alton Brown, no dish I'll turn down
as cliche as it may seem
I'm as hungry as a half-dead, raving dog
fried chicken dipped in honey flavoured barbecue sauce, sweet and spicy Italian sausage
just out of the oven hot fresh bread, juicy steak

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Quite Deceived

Mouth full of dirt, itchy throat,
loss for words but even if he could describe this, this…
his swollen tonsils wouldn’t let him speak.
Feeling weak, future’s bleak, refuge he seeks 
mind Immersed in simple rhymes, remembering simple times
Learning table manners, two times two gives four 
seventy times seven sins against another - still forgiven 
but now he...
ate deceptive words 

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Our eyes met
mine scurried away

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Water works


God's love is unconditional 
but he shut up the seas behind doors
when it burst forth from the womb
and set its doors and bars in place
when he said, " This far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt. 

So I won't let you drown me
as your tears fill the dead living room
I proceed to leave. 
When I was younger I would stay
and try my hardest to row, row, 

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Week days and Weak days


On the week days I am so strong
but on the weekend the weakness begins
I wanna do right
but when he tells me go left, I go right
It's time to step into the light
step into the, step into the light

On the week days I'm so strong
(lion roar) Sunday I'm beaming with Son's light
Monday I'm studying scriptures in the moonlight
Tuesday prayer meeting got me hyped 
Wednesday I'm reading ...

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Prometheus, no need for fire
                      Queen B is aflame
No, she is an empress
                       Kings bow before her prowess
No, she is a goddess 
                   Aphrodite falls short in her light
Prometheus, no need for fire
               Queen B is aflame 
                                    And I am 
                                                  wax in 

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Weary souls

Weary souls, rue the day we set sail
Afloat a ship, amiss in a misty sea
In the still air, still here, praying for a strong gale

Come wind, 'wind come blow us away' we wail
Land ho!, Land ho! we wish to see
Weary souls, rue the day we set sail

Oh how robust we were! Now our frame is so frail
Not all of were religious, but all of us are on one knee
In the still air, still here, praying ...

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I'm not

I'm not a number

Don't count on me

I'm not a wall

Don't lean on me

I'm not food

Don't feed off me

I'm not a pillow

Don't sleep on me


I'm not a game

So don't play with me

I'm not a book

So don't try to read me

I'm not a nut case

So don't try to crack me


I'm not a yes man

So yes man, you don't know me

So what am I?

You are going to have to...

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Baby Boo, Baby, Baby!

Bed bound, bed bounce

Booty banging, belly bloated

Belly big, Belly bigger

Brought brawling, brought bawling

Bystanders brought bandages 

But Baby Boo Bye Bye!

 Brutal Backstabbing Betrayal 

Before bright baby boy's birth

Baby boy brought-up barbarian 

Beligerent, bashful, blind

Bright, Bright, Bright!

Betimes Bishop brought biblical brilli...

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Starless night ,crescent moon

To destination arriving soon...hopefully

Pilgrims trod forward

Not one doing so grudgingly

In the valley of tears, swim over stream

Under starless night, crescent moon

To destination arriving soon...hopefully

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Air it out

Memories come back to me like wooh!

If I think real hard about it I start feeling blue

So they say I should put it out of mind

And I'll be fine

I agree with that but sometimes

Some times I try to forget replay in my mind

Thoughts they replay and replay 

Think I gotta air it out

Hear me out

This is what I got to say


We were vibing

Didn't view her like a nice th...

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Inspired by Beleaf's song:Depressed


I do it cause I'm depressed
I'm depressed cause I do it
I do it cause I'm depressed
I'm depressed cause I do it
I do it cause I'm depressed
I'm depressed cause I do it
My God'll help me get through it


See what happened was

I was trying to get into the in crowd

They watch triple x shows on the internet

I stepped into the same world wide web

i thought I was in...

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Advice to a poet

Take your time

Don't just try to rhyme

Put meaning into every line

No, it doesn't have to come out right

Just write

It's fine

Every piece reviewed and refused can later be renewed 

Break it down and then stick it together with crazy glue

Don't mind if they call you crazy - you

You are an idealist in the realist eyes

But they fail to realize

Reality is dynamic


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What is he saying?

Let it off my chest

I can get no rest

With this heart stone cold

With this tormented soul

Tormented soul


Agony like mahogany

Wooden chair slammed on my back (OUCH!)

At least it got me off the couch

I was so comfortable

Like having food on the table comfort me


Not really hungry but I was eating the horse

And that's just the appetizer before the main...

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The Surgeon

Gotta be patient                                                                                       This is pathetic

              To operate....                                                         Obviously no anaesthetics 

                   A sick surgeon                                          As the doctor and the patient

                                   Urged on           ...

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I'm a tell you the truth

I seen you do what you do

When you do what you do

But what you do when you do what you do I wish I knew

Oh, I wish I knew


What a mystery 

My misery

Your happiness

What's happenning?


Even though I've seen you do what you do

When you do what you do I am confused

You are amused

I feel abused

You are accused

I want to find yo...

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In God we trust

That's worth more than all the US bills

Lift our hands and look up to the hills

Unashamed of the gospel

Explicitly and implicitly

I speak to thee 

Thou art beloved of the Lord

That's that King James

This my faith on Christ name

Unashamed of the way, truth and life

Not a prosperity preahcer

Not a hell preacher

Just a voice in the wilderness


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Keep on Movies

Action pack

Thiller like Mike Jack

PG-13 Comedy - Captain Jack 

Eyes on the sparrow 

Keep on movies 

Neglecting duties 

The horror

The drama

No worry

It's Sci-fi

No hurry

Keep on movies



A mystery adventure of the first world war

History keeps on moving

But you keep on movies

Hours of our lives in front of a screen 

Taste not, ...

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Anguished Africans asking angrily about amelioration

Amelioration! Amelioration!


Aggressive abacist astonied.

Abdicate absolute authority?

Abandon abusive action against abominable Africans? 


Astounding. Amazing! Applauses!

Africans actually ameliorated!

Amelioration!  Amelioration!  Amelioration!


After A comes E 

Let's advocate emancipation!




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