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It worries me quite witless

His head is made of mutton

But I’m truly worried shitless

His finger’s on the button.




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John Coopey

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 19:30

I really do believe it is now, Harry.
It seems America is forging ahead with Policy by Soundbite. Let's hope that advisers point out consequences of these soundbites before the child gets all his own way.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 23rd Jan 2017 16:44

This is what Hammond said at Davos:

`over the coming years our economy, and our social
structures, will have to cope not only with the impacts
of globalisation and an ageing population profile, but
also with a quickening pace of technological change
as the fourth industrial revolution gathers speed.`

`As first unskilled, and then skilled workers, find their
jobs disappearing. Indeed, looking at the relative
speed of development of recent advances in
computerised medical diagnostics on the one hand
and driverless vehicles on the other, it could well be
skilled workers who are under the most immediate

This is why Trump atrracted such support.....The full
employment job situation in the developed countries is
being maintained by (monetary) interest rate policies...
If we don`t solve the problem of jobs and technology
when reality sets in, (and start out on our own hell bent
competition for a declining supply of the world`s jobs)
then that finger on the button is going to be a real peril.

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John Coopey

Sat 21st Jan 2017 12:56

Hopefully, MC, he will discover that simple expedients such as he promotes in his rhetoric will not be quite so easy when power makes him realise that there are always consequences of actions.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 21st Jan 2017 12:17

There have been others just as worrying.
I seem to recall a certain Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Texan
vice president who was ducking out of sight in his open car before the Secret Service had even reacted to the
shots in Dallas - and who wasn't above lifting his dog by
its ears for a photo shoot.

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John Coopey

Fri 20th Jan 2017 21:38

It's a give-away character weakness when someone refers to himself in the 3rd person - "If Putin likes Trump...", Paul.

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Paul Waring

Fri 20th Jan 2017 20:51

Thanks for posting this John. Having worked closely with people with personality disorders, I think you and I and, no doubt, many others have serious grounds for concern about him. Paul

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John Coopey

Fri 20th Jan 2017 20:22

At the very least, Martin, a grown-up would have done. I thought requiring a President to be 35 might have ensured that.

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Martin Elder

Fri 20th Jan 2017 18:15

couldn't agree more John

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