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When push comes to shove

shove goes to love

love has been long-lost, dead like a wingless dove.

Endless children licking lips spitting grits

of our foul flying friends.


What has granted you food?

"The universe"  said the child.

My first thought was a singularity in poetry

why does it always have to me?

Feast please!  I only ask you bring tyrants before you to their ...

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Useless symantics

Hazmatical has beens, false "planned this"

Stripped slick hu-man-iacs, like some fictional cartoon

The real yakko is right here.

Punch to push, 

Push to crush, 

Flush to nudge, 

and stomp to dessecrate.

Th(e)is boot shal never end....

For we are animals at best, (it is our) design...ed(ucation) to desecrate holy nests

Erase books, Destroy the thesis,...

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Adorable and employable
Observe, as my top lip curls,
exposed white-tip pearls.
divided, exaggerated notions,  ideal motions, dividends on an emotional ever-growing emotional severance.
Ideas of a dead mans long-lost lust lure curve.
i have found home, at last, rest absorbs into this stale husk
Thus ensures a thousand year rest, at peace, at last.
The ability to cease.

Endless torrents, ...

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Sometime then?

Gliding on my tip toes foraging through the streets at night
I'm just drifting trying to find some home
Find something damnit...

Don't seek and destroy again..
Leafs down the gutter
Thoughts flickering downard
A candle at its end.

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