Little Red Rabbit

He dressed her in velvet,

His little rabbit.

He coveted her sweetness.

She was his drug habit.


Bloody kisses  bite her lip

But it's ok, he loves her right?

His perfect partner, perfect wife,

Slap her nearly every night.


Takes her out in his expensive gift.

He chose it, she must wear it,

She feels embarrassed, tarted up,

Don't say it, touch-paper lit.


Another row, another smack,

It's just a dress, a lovely gift,

Shut up, put up, love up.

Can't stop it's all adrift. 


The velvet feels so stiff,

A stained and soiled bloody cloak,

A shroud of passion wrapped around.

Delicate skeleton clearly broke.


Spirit gone,

Her fight has left,

Empty eyes cry tears of joy,

Another gift she must enjoy. 


Violence domestic abuse control

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kJ Walker

Sat 11th Feb 2017 09:57

I think it's about time this bunny girl got out of there. this isn't a marriage it's ownership.
I like the way it was written with the snappy short lines.
thanks for sharing.
cheers Kevin.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 1st Feb 2017 09:39

Feels like time for your victims to start taking revenge. I'm feeling a bit sorry for these poor women, they need empowering with some Girl Power! Spice up their lives! Give 'em a dagger!

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