Trapped in a space with little room to
Afraid to do anything, wishing I could leave
A sickness in the pit of my stomach
 whenever you are near.
My mind goes blank and legs go weak as my body fills with fear.
Wanting to say what I think or feel, but knowing that if I do
It will unleash an ugly person that I wish I never knew.
It’s hard to understand how this person who can be so loving and so warm
can turn so violent and hurtful, it’s like the  calm before a storm.
Peaceful moments are fleeting, as an
 underlying rage is always there
lying beneath the smile waiting to erupt out of nowhere.
I pray for strength and understanding in the midst of all this ire
But it seems that every word I speak only
 fuels this raging fire.
So I will sit here quietly, I dare not speak a
my thoughts and my opinions never to be



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