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Merely Air

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Eyes Wide Open

There are times when eyes are closed covered shut blindfolded by things that lay before us. Then the sun rises shines through anything that blinds us and takes away what we cannot see in the night and cannot do in the day. I care no more to be a secret or lie I can no more to be anything but me. I am living a world of someone I have never ever decided to be and I don't want to be that so in this d...

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Destiny of a Villain

Labeled from the first breath

sent out into the earth

a black spot on someone's life

as time pass I become the nails

that built the coffin that past you lies in

before me flowed

a river of smoked cans, scars from moments of fury

drew an addiction filled life 

that had to have been 

brought along by my very presence

forever the darkness compared

against the glory of...

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age vs growth

With growth comes knowledge not age when years pass, skinsheds, but nothing is learned there is no grow therefore no knowledge, reaching for age but young at mind I screamed for time to freeze loosen it's grip so that you could look around and see your surroundings, not learn thing as you stubble along an hopefully somewhere you'd find out the constant cushion was not going to be provided to ease ...

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No Longer Lost

Lost in a world that was never mine. Dedicated to those who were to busy taking stabs at my back and heart. Now looking at it from the outside.  I realize it was me who allowed all of this. That life, person, and blame claimer. You have not thought I wasn't listening or watching, but I was. No longer a lost boy. I found the person I had buried so deep to please others.  No I'm back to the bear tha...

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Our moment

Caressed by words whispered into a willing ear slow obsessions building into a fiery passion blurred thoughts and images ruffled shivering skin how your touch brings pleasurable pain I am for the release every Unthinkable forbidden touch loss of control and Promises thrown to the wind I'm yours to have in anyway and you mine you we won't hurry we'll take our time Salvage this moment bookmark it in...

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Left so far behind there was no sight of light to lead the way. Looking at my life through pictures that no longer include me. Forever stoned by past moments that will never be forgotten. No tears should ever sheed from these eyes. He never gives you anything you can't handle but even he wepted. No thoughts of forgetting when help was needed. When I cried out without screaming, struggled to find b...

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Should I publish this?

The Veiw

Every time we speak it's like being inside a cyclone of different puppeteers pulling at your strings but it's only a question. To you I was the reminder of an apehere's of a constant complication not worth your time the grass plane on the other was a greatly greener side you cared not to see any of those things others saw in me. I am the joys of my emotions,  the smiles painted on the faces of tho...

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