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Isn't "bye" a form of saying you're leaving for a while or even forever...? I mean isn't that the message people receive? It hurts a lot honestly ... But then you're stuck in between did this person mean "bye as in see you tomorrow" or "bye as in I'm leaving forever." We don't ever know until time shows us. They're either there the next day...or gone... and all you can do is be happy or feel the pain..."that is why we say goodnight...bc I know tomorrow I shall be right here again. Never a bye, never a goodbye, just a goodnight." 

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 31st Jan 2017 15:52

But then "bye" is the short form of goodbye, itself a derivative of "God be with you"...
always worth being told, whether the parting is short, long or forever.

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