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Fragments 6

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The space between ciggarettes is a period for dark incubations.

I spoke to a homeless man who was 19 and I am 39. I felt like an immature child pampered and protected from the harsh reality of dysfunction and consequences.

Pleasure is happieness's wayward sister. She's loose and frivolous. 

I grow cancer for bleak despair. My offspring will be cut out of me. Comfort is death assured.


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I Stay Away

Bone by bone they all shattered
The porcelain doll never forget
The collection of cobwebs upon its face
You abandoned her when she needed you most
How could you know any better
Empathy was never something that you were gave
So burn the box and leave everything
God knows it's lonely living without her

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Poem 64 of "Because of This"

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Stop, look inward.

Be aware by becoming still.

Notice your thoughts.

They are seeds.

Plant with care.


This may be difficult

because we want

progress quickly,

but even the longest journey

starts with

a single movement.

A tower rises from

a single brick.


Just be. 

Don't worry about failure or success.


Step by step,

life emer...

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beingbelongingcalmcentermeditatetao te ching

THE ÊZIDI GENOCIDE 2014 Mount Sinjar Iraq


Our peacock-angel faces shone

In this fierce Mesopotamian sun: 

We survived the Byzantines: the Turks.

Assyrian Christians became our friends.

We traded with the Jews of Nineveh and saw

The Ottomans rise and fall.

We are the Êzidî, our first year was 4,750 years before

The crucifixion in Jerusalem.

Some say we have been here forever, ...

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tanka for the nemophilia

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spring defies winter 


ibaraki's acid bruise 


piercing litmus noise 


detune freezing radio 


submission to fleeting hope 

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Sunday,17th March 2019


Let us dream peace within

the object must be clearly seen

let the hatred disappear

and dimish the fear


words may not help

but the bad intention may stop

the dream for peaceful land

and foes shall emerge from the friends


good intent must present

and remain absent

from the distrust

and must always entrust



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When the Screaming Starts

Evil predators strike

places of worship

killing assembled praying

easy targets slain

millions replace victims

each praying harder

condemning barbaric atrocities.


Guilty as charged

murderers stand unaffected

bible placed inside

grey stone cells

anxious spirits inflict

inhuman silent screaming

life sentences passed.

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Not even a church is exempt from evil




                   From above Kusadasi harbour

                                On a hot July day,

                                I watch while a 10-metre fishing boat

                                Sails slowly across the bay.


                   With it...

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Also by trevor homer:



Each weekend you settle down, 

a chair, a drink, a bag of words

drawn blindly out

one by one

and used to scratch a scab.

The more the rasp, the more the hurt

insidious pleasure 

penance pain

blunt-edged consonants sharpish vowels

bullied flesh left to bleed.

On Monday the wound is glazed

by Wednesday thin-skinned and sore

Friday’s taut frail carapace

battens ...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

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She stares at the ocean.

The waves crashing and falling.


Crumbling, Like an avalanche.

Everything falling apart.


For you can’t ride the boat.

You are imobile.

People do everything for you.

A King they would murmur. 

Chasing you, begging for your attention.

Although you fear publicity.


But when that crocodile ran you up that tree

did you dare to b...

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The Town That Was Murdered

They shut the pits down long before
they closed the shipyard doors.
The steel that we were promised never came.

Then they said they’d dock our dole,
because we weren’t at home,
available for work that wasn’t there.

For twenty-seven days we marched,
just trying to be heard,
but government can only hear the rich.

Three hundred miles and all for nowt.
We might have bloody known.

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Cosmology 101

Chaos seems the wrong first word:

no light

no sound

no time

and nothing moving e'er occurred


Chaos speaks to me of chance:

a move

a crash

a force

that happen in time's dance


So before chaos, ah, but stop -

no before

(no time)

so just

stasis as creation's dark backdrop


Some cosmic joggle, as if perhaps

god sneezed:

atoms move

and ...

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My father used to drink Heineken.

Naturally, when I was old enough to drink, I too drank Heineken.

He used to smoke cigarettes, though he hid this addiction well.

So, when I was old enough to understand that this caused his death,

I vowed to never pick one up.

He would always give to beggars and assist strangers in need,

Even when he knew that it might be to the detriment of his ...

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Concrete love

Why did I decide to fall 

face first on to a concrete heart,

Why do I let myself think that

for maybe just a moment someone might actually want me.


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winners and losers

Winner and losers


The two boys

 down they ran

to the town`s pond


feeding the ducks

they had a bag each

one of them had

a mother who worked

in a cake shop.


The boy who came second

had been eating

cake crumbs

as he ran


didn`t care if the first

one won,

his mother worked

in a cake shop.


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Bereft of feeling.

I wanted to do a poem today to provoke a thought or thinking about the insanity of taking drugs. I have known many people succumb to Heroin and painkillers, alcohol and it all seems so futile I myself suffered with addiction through mental illness. Its a terrible thing and very dark. So here is my attempt at describing this disease.


Bereft of feeling

Stare into the abyss
eyes burning...

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addictiondrugsMental illnesspainpoem


entry picture

What was the chance i did know you ?

What was the chance we did be friends ?

What was the serendipity of me been in awe of you 

But here i am expressing how it feels

From your smile that captivates the and got me tripping every moment 

You are a manifestation of astonishing beauty 

A dime + 99 equals you

Your eyes are irresistibly stunning 

With the body of a goddess


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The haunted

Childhood memories brings a face never forgotten.. 
It comes alive with all its contortions in the dream
The face with a hideous grin, staring in the darkness with a strange and satisfying gleam.. 
Thoughts conjure up images of it so vivid
That smirk, that deliberate smile so abominable.. 
The encounter was oddish and so unreal.. 
Memories being blurred, yet encompassing and intolerable.. 

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light as light

in the rush of the city,
the uncertainty, the sorrow, the pain,
there is a haven peculiar and pretty
that shines a light on us
beautiful, insane

the walls, so high, they gather the light
during the day
it radiates through the surfaces,
and when the sun sets down
it warms the night

and the minds flow
when music feeds the souls
and passes strenuous thoughts
turning them into red triangl...

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Soul (less)

The history of 

Organised religions

Has never passed rent free

Its stressed in carven stone

Lost in craven moan

Soulless seeking souls

Reaching for a missing heaven

Misfits of recognition

Blighting of long tradition

Give them back their freedom.

Until its passed its kingdom 

To face a faithless fate

Is not to miss the gate

For those that see the strife


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Pockets of Strangers

entry picture

Friendly drinks with a party of strangers,
concocted to poison one’s composition,
led me to cold wet grass under some stars.
My figure sank deep into the dark horizon,
I twisted skyward to breathe in bleak cosmos.
This is how I stumbled upon my new religion.

Awake now, I lived in accord with this religion.
God’s terrific eyes stared from the faces of strangers;
otherworldly airships desc...

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Wonder how many times
I climed the fence
To another day of mine in hell
I guess it's fine when you are blind
Inhale, it's okay.

Wonder how many times
I lost myself
Under deep unconsciousness
Of lonely self.

Just to fit in with them
Not being you is death
Empty inside
Fool around
Fade away
I'm awake.

Trying hard to be like them
Wasting who I am
What a wonderful day
To feel l...

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self esteem

I Love you

Three words that change everything

I Love you too

He said when I let my guard down

I care for you 

He said when I disappointment was coming

I care for you 

Again but for when he had no answer


Spoke the loudest


An action that chased my self esteem away



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To all you brave young shavers contemplating marriage vows

I offer this advice to ward off arguments and rows.

The Vicar he will tell you, ‘‘Marriage is a partnership’’

But very soon you’ll find out when the pretence starts to slip

That your experience mirrors mine which (only half in jest)

Is on every single matter –

I’ve found Our Gert knows best.


You may think the time...

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Also by John Coopey:


Simple Cloth (collaboration with The Carbon Quill)

entry picture

A soldier stands before the dawn, awaiting his fate in silence
A cock crows, of years bygone, taste of coffee, muscles tense

The feel of the family flag, its tattered shreds bring sorrow
The sergeant cries, the captain barks, their bold words ring hollow

He dreams of long lost battles, where his forefathers in solace tread
Their memories bound in simple cloth, fading colors tribute to the...

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The Pale Rose (extract)

entry picture

Her broken heart scatters like petals in the breeze

As shards they sought and collected by the lowly,

guarded in vessels of hope,

awaiting the hearts spring that it may bloom anew


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Broken hearts

Who we were and now own

entry picture

We hooked-up in the Great Northern Railway Tavern,
Hornsey, remembered well from student days
we marched in from the underground, Turnpike Lane’s
combination bus terminal and Deco station
the furthest north I’d been, thinking back to Camden
Town, and Scotland, now the cold’s returned – snows often chase
the furtive warmth of Spring away, pick up the pace – 
as we unlock to own ourselves ord...

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Better to live in hope

And die with a chuckle


Than live in despair

And silently buckle.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:



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Tired of feathering this death nest

Should be ticking my bucket list

Whiling not tiling

Scouting not grouting

Adventuring not rendering

Raving not paving

Dancing not fencing

Soaring not flooring

Sating not painting

Travelling not gravelling

Aspiring not rewiring

Being not doing

Living not DIYing


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Talking To The Dead

"I talked to her

and she kissed me too."

"Are you insane?

It can't be true.

You are a simple soul

undone by grief.

Or was it a dream?"

"Nay, Nay, she came.

She looked at me and smiled.

Her contenance was light

and I stood bewildered

until she called my name.

I wept and shrieked,

'After all these days

You finally speak!

Tell me the reason

why you le...

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I want to be a writer

I want my words to have worth like William.

With magical adjectives that travel through time 

To conjure a landscape 

And portray a peace

So perfectly 

They reach across centuries.


I want my words to empower like Maya.

With certainty and strength to inflate the hearts

And sway the hips of a million women.

I want to reach her passion, wear her confidence, 



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Redemption, like water through your fingers,

A coil of mist beyond your grasp,

Almost within reach, but no whisp lingers,

No droplet held within your clasp.


No arbiter or judge except your endless soul,

No sign of the divine expresses,

The hole which leaves you unwhole,

Filled with the unholy that so wholly possesses.


That which can only be gifted, never taken,


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upon cars

steel containers

wheeled egos

sit at the light

stare with weary eyes

the only pause in the day

think about work



stop and go

cars all in a row

down time

dead time

tired state of mind

turn up the radio

tune out the world



days lost in drive-time

bumper to bumper

going home traffic

stacked up


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Red Lipstick

entry picture

Please note:  this is a re-post in honour of St Paddy's Day! (Photos taken of Yeats statue in Sligo town.)


Red Lipstick


Standing in reverence of a mighty giant

his Nobel words remembered, this fan notes


exaggerated bat-like shoulders enhance his

thoughtful gaze - watching the Horseman?


Others have stepped up on Galway stone; held

those long, thin legs as th...

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Irish and Proud

entry picture

It’s a Sunday morn in March and I rise like a lark full of springtime joy

The date is the 17th where on earth have you been it’s St Patrick’s Day boy

With a surname of Doolan nobody are you fooling you’re an Irish guy

With a drink in my hand and a tune from the band my head is held high

It’s a day to celebrate no time to hesitate let the good times roll

Everbody is grand give me you...

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At last They Are Believed

At last they have received some closure . The Truth is coming out . Roaming the streets . A way of life . Put yourself in these children’s shoes . It’s been happening for years . Authorities Knew . Authorities Denied . Wouldn’t believe . Such things do happen . Wouldn’t believe . How could anyone know and do nothing . The Truth will Always find it’s way out .

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I, Capricorn

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Failure is not an option 

That I choose to accept

You cannot deter me 

While I still have breath

My vision is clear

My desires are true

Unwavering passion

Will guide me through

Stopping at nothing

I'll get what I want

Don't try to stop me

You can't and I won't

I will ...

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Knock - Knock

entry picture


Hard is the knock-knock

of a world bent and lent

against its self, gone awry-


The thinking strands

that cannot find their

ends to meet themself,

this self has ever yet

to mean it; prove it-


Yet all this squandered time,

these uncounted hours have

a time to thrill

a time to its own purpose-


I will post this warning:

(to a self)

I fear de...

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Playing The Hand You've Been Dealt

Our lives are shaped by our birth 

and by the opportunities we're given

There's no point complaining about your looks

or your background or your wealth

You've just got to get on with it

and play the hand you've been dealt


Take me for example

I'm good looking, healthy and rich

but you never hear me complaining

Ain't life a bitch?

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Also by Brian Maryon:

Time to see the priest |


Ensnared in the lyrics of romantic songs

dressed to kill with a story to tell

no one wants to hear.


Lend me your ear.

Not today - nor any other day

yet the lyrics weave their spell.


Hollow footsteps up my spine

those of only me and mine.

A lonely echo of a silent voice.

Is there a meaning?   who can tell.

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Also by ray pool:


Word wanderer

I am a word wanderer

peripatetic poetry is my voyage,

each syllable a serendipitous moment,

vowel vitality fuels every page

while a loquacious line forks off into two distances

leaving a double and doubtful sense

to my meanderings

all the better for the turn of phrase,

adding to the journey

is a consonant chaos of juxtaposition and alliteration,

a choice to turn left ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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First Love

I can't write about you,

It's too much of a muddle,

Like dirty dishwasher,

In a puddle.

You'd think rhyme wrong here,

Attempts at humour a joke,

That word play distracts from you.


It was me too,

I know, I know.

My ballad skies inwards,

Dives down my throat,

Tugs on my tongue,

It chirrups,

It lies still.


I still have some though,

In a box burie...

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entry picture


Everything in moderation..?
Well, with “nationalism” it’s true:
It can carry unique cultures on
But, overdosed, cause their conquest, too.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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I do dream

I do dream,

This abundant love I see

It longs, not for the morrow.

it lays, in rest with now.


I dream of ears attuned to you

so his eyes may see

the you in me.


I  do dream,

I see Joy where justice lay,

 I see Regret turned rejoice,

Only by  trust in you,


I do  dream :

A dress so clean,

A slate so fresh,

A  smile so bright,

Not for a day, 


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This a letter to Elsa, a nervy fluttery little fve year old.


Little butterfly

spread your trembling wings and fly

to chase your dreams across a laughing sky

see where the raindrops learnt to dance

and where white horses rear and prance,

then ride on the back of a mischievous breeze

to play new games above blue sparkling seas.

When you tire of playing hitch a ride


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Also by Dorothy Webb:



entry picture


I am the eldest and esteem myself 
fit to vie for kingship.
In retrospect I see
the swagger foretell the downfall.
Proudly I reached for the princess's hand
and reach no further in life.

The second brother, never my wing-man, 
always a cur, calculates further.
His moves well planned, his touch a strike
spider like, with one day dreams
in lieu of success
he may settle under a ston...

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Attack From The Rear

From my mid-teens

If something insulted my sensibilities

Anything – in any context – any medium -

My immediate reaction

With an indignant puff was:


Which ejaculation -

Always so satisfying

Flying past my teeth

My tongue relishing alliteration -

Allowed my brain to catch up with my mouth

Levelling the field

For better appreciation

Of a...

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Grown wild, unclaimed and loose in lanes,
he peed higher, spat further, swore louder
than any other latchkey street weed.

Green acolytes, summoned with strangled
banshee howls, drawn to worship as he spoke
to us in bloodied tongues for a dare.

Envied for knowledge of hidden pathways
by the railway, and his dead bat in a matchbox,
which some could see for tuppence.

Pursuing the lost, alw...

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Nab Me a Seat

In a crowded bar, we nab a table,

acquiring a seat, in case we lose out.


Taking for self incurs disadvantage

for others, as we take their rightful share.


So we look out for ourselves, determined

that we gain advantage through selfishness.


Making us fight for everything drives

division, isolation and mistrust.


We compete for resources, just in case


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Also by Rich:

Stone |

The Daily Sluice

entry picture

I see that vacant look

In a lot people’s eyes lately


Life has tumbled

Into washing

And laundry

Spinning  their heads around


A moment to think …

Then click the screen

And the possible moment of enlightenment

Disappears down the daily sluice


I see those eyes now …

Counting sheep

Trying to become vacant

Blank as the mobile scream

Waiting for th...

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Also by David R Mellor:

You Didn’t Pull the Trigger, but You Did |

Endless Cycle

Seasons come and past

Life is drained before it springs

To start life anew

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love is a world hate the moon             tidal are the moments                I fell into the gravity  of you
and round and round we go                loops whorl as ancient               without my suit on
or fall or rise                                     as they are infinite                     blown fro...

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About losing

Here I am losing, 


The moment I naively denied, 


You said you don't want to see, 

more of me.

The words you typed, 

should set me free. 


I only feel deep pain. 


Should have known...


But I didn't see, 

just adore. 

Wasn't able to recognize, 

how fucked up you really are.

Memoring is the worst, 

when did we get this fa...

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They were only saying their prayers...

entry picture

They were only saying their prayers

It might have been the other side of the world
and people I'll never know
It might have been folk I'll never meet
and somewhere I'll never go

But the tragic news this morning
hit me like a train
Innocent defenceless people
mercilessly slaughtered again

They were only saying their prayers
just going about their lives
Another attack on humanity

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The Life Dreamt

I look into those light blue eyes, that shine like stars and I see...

The same innocent expression they had when they first opened! A new born child, almost blind from the sights to see, full of anticipation to behold the world and live the life! 

I see these eyes lousy with life and curiosity and laughs!

and I wonder...

not how much longer they are going to stay open...

I don't won...

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The Land of the P's

entry picture

I've been asking myself a question, lately 

About what it is that I want

Because when I look inside myself

I see no aspirations of fame

No want for success 

Instead I see the plates of food I fixed

The worn pages of books I've read

I see a bright day and tall clouds

The wind blowing the pollen 

The sunlight cutting through

I see trees gnarled and thick,  muddy paths


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Beyond the World of Thachi

entry picture

Conspiracy theories by design,

Or elements of grapvine,

Bewitched deep to entwine…

Was it true that I witnessed?

I asked myself and expressed.


Familiar faces usually looked vivid,

This is a confession and purely candid,

Although on most counts I have been timid.

Metamorphosis just between the time,

One way what I experienced was sublime.


Should I say this wa...

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Also by ai ou:

In Her Shoes |


Now Paddy was painting the bedroom,

his wife had gone out to the shops,

the radio playing full volume,

and blaring out Pick of the Pops.


The missus came back with the shopping,

to find Paddy lathered in sweat;

as his paintbrush just kept right on flopping,

he muttered a rude epithet.


She said what on earth are you doing?

No wonder you’re feeling so hot,


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My go-for-it(!) Grandmother

Always adventurous

avidly searching the new

spiritually, humanely concerned

with the luminous instances of reality


how consistent 

her determinations about worthy tasks

and her energised openness to nature

and life


remembering our shared past

with her love, wit and bouts of exasperation

she wonderfully put us through


but above all

how she taught u...

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Demand and delivered! |

Gods bless us all

When Gods rise people fall,

so bless us all

Gods bless us all.


We carved Jerusalem from golden stone

to cover its glory with a blinkered dome,

once from The Mount we could see the stars,

once all the stars were all of ours.


We cut the forest to build a church,

we carved a tree to make a cross.

What have we gained but something lost,

its men not Gods that pay...

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Also by Wolfgar:

Sad holiday | Jean's hands | Knife crime with a flourish | Fleabag |

Rest in Peace


You are dead now

You lay in your grave,

asking for prayers

It’s been so long,

but I still remember

That day, 

when you played with me

And I couldn’t stop crying...


You are gone

You took a piece of me,

when you left

We never spoke about anything

You never said sorry

Did you care about the damage

you were doing?


I wonder why you never came 


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Also by Anya:

A Chat | Can we change... | Inferno |

Demons vs The Kid

Left alone with the demons that my vices taunt

Sometimes I lay wake at night waiting for them surfaces 

When they don’t show up on time is when I get nervous 

They must be planning something special for the girl with no life convincing herself she has purpose. 

Stockhome to the burdens I was assigned

A long long time ago when my life wasn’t mine 

Chained in my head begging to bre...

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Also by Chelsea Crossman:

Brother | Remember? | You’re welcome |




             Memories 10-13-2018


       I’m about to get out of my car& I feel the cool brisk air& also see the stars in the sky. 

     As I look at them I remember the night we stayed out on your back porch for a few hours and just talked& talked. 

     Oh, the memories. 

      The smell of a campfire reminds me of the air I smell & the coolness  that brushes up agai...

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Also by Melissa Wayner:

As I Come To Terms Posted: 3-12-2019 | (untitled) | Tonight Posted 3-11-2019 | As She Packs Her Bags 3-8-2019 Posted | As She Looks 3- 8-2019 Posted | Against What She Can’t Control | Over It | Thank You For Being My Friend | The Turtle Wasn’t The Point | Sunshine | In The Dark Skies | Her Will | The Beginning Of A Great Journey |


The ice cream man

was the sweetest man

she had ever met


until she gave him her heart. 


Then slowly 

his true character

revealed itself


leaving her to feel the fool. 


Because she truly loved a man

for many years

that was not real. 


By Lynn Hahn

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Also by lynn hahn:



Maybe you have never met

Something so 

unbrokenly broke


You have never

Seen the butterfly

Emerge from her


The first flutter

Freeing her

From the confines

Of her own making 

and the dangers

She believed were


Taking her higher

Than the place she once lied

To hide

To rest

To heal

To strengthen

To commit

To remembe...

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Also by Npaub Lis:

Needling | (untitled) | self love | Crazy |

A Note To The One Who Broke Me

You tucked me in 

and stripped me of my clothing.

I couldn't move.


You grasped my torso and groped my groin.

I couldn't move.


You dismissed my demands to stop 

and plunged your fingers into me.

I couldn't move.


You exposed yourself

so that our bare, naked skin could touch.

I couldn't move.


You smothered me and kissed my neck.

Your penis penet...

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Also by K:

Thief | Daydreaming of What Could No Longer Be |

The Day Gentrication Struck.. The Fax

My town, Halifax has gone through a rapid change since 2017 and the opening of the piece hall again.
with this, a whole line of musicians and artists and "outsiders" have flocked here to enjoy the "brewed to local taste" flavor of our town with the newly added additions of gin bars, vape shops, record stores etc..

But I remember the time before all this. the years of smoke-filled pubs filled wit...

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Also by Keiron Higgins:

The worst of me. |

GentrificationHalifaxPunk Poetryshoreditch of the northyorkshire




A very large bush, untidy and overgrown

needed to be cut back or dug out

The first task was to prune its branches

thus leaving it looking oddly bare and nude

I did not have a saw to cut it down completely

so the job was left unfinished and ugly

Then with Spring it began to come to life

buds appeared along with yellow leaves

in an endeavour to live

It lo...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Broken up | Absent | No more of this..... | The Box Dwellers | Inclement Weather |

A New World Awaits

The blackness doesn't exist
With eyelids positioned, fixed
To all looking in
A mind that won't give in.

Spectrums of colour await
Films and events, 
Into moments that shouldn't exist
As the frequency demands it's existence to manifest.

The future and past 
Pour like an hourglass
With each grain of sand
Making moments of transcendent glam.

Moments defined by an anagra...

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Is she a dreaded swarthy jetclad tormentress

with swirling inky cloak

and train of spirit followers,

vampires, goblins,bogles, demons,

all evil preying creatures?

In her clutching talons we endure

agonies of doubt, remorse, despair, regret,

when tears and anguish overcome.

She brings nightmares of terror, loss and violence

with sleepers longing for releasing dawn,


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You can’t fool me

I know you’re here,

The hint of patchouli

you wore at our last kiss,

and at our first kiss,

gives the game away.


Are you playing hide ‘n’ seek?


Remember the neighbours

thumping the walls

at our midnight parties playing

Archie Shepp and Albert Ayler,

while we snorted coke

and smoked five-skinners?


Remember nights of kiss and ma...

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Also by Rick:

And so with a sigh | Somewhere in Dorset | I slept with a girl | Was Wonderful | Through a glass darkly | I sat with a girl |


Reflection, shuttered in

a dark room behind my eyes

Hart beats, breathe

Beating through my mind

Troubled is this nighttime

To rest but never sleep

I hear you sing inside of me

Mnemonic one more time

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It and I |

8 Heroes

Instruments packed away in velvet red case.
3 Chellos, 3 violins and the big double bass.
Quietness descended all over the huge ship.
Just 5 days in to her Atlantic American trip.

The band had just performed their last show.
Entertaining passengers with string and bow.
But tragedy struck as the hour became late.
Then the quintet and trio that night became 8.

As the minutes passed by an...

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there's a crack in the wall
and it's spreading like a web
to that most tender of places

where the adolescent mind never learned
how to say it's too late the roof's already in flames


now the same mouth that sat mute
while I shaped an ear from a lump of gray clay
because you never learned to hear

remains silent while I learn
to build houses with doors

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Also by elPintor:

(untitled) | habitation | origins and distillations |

Dave - The Return

I bumped into David Kameroon the other day.

I wanted him to hear

What it was like in the real world, after that Referendum farce.


I said “Hey’up Dave,

Can I call you Dave?

I mean, what the flippin’ heck Dave?

You really let it slip Dave.”


I said “Dave - Dave,

The country’s in an awful state.

I doubt that you can contemplate

The shambles me and mine are in.


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Every time I think I have become enlightened and can handle anything, a new challenge shows up to test me. Whether it's toxicity in my body, family illness or death, rejection of a lover, friend, stranger, job, point of view, whatever... ego is the first to show up on the scene, like a paramedic giving CPR to revive my pride. Pride dies, only to come back a little weaker next round, like a cat wit...

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Also by Vautaw:

Dear Poet |

agapeawarenessconsciousnesscosmic beingenlightenedenlightenmentnamastenatural lawnew worldphilosophyprose poetrystoicismthought

Fallen Angel

You have lost your smile.

Where is it gone ? I do not recognise you anymore. 

Your lips strech, I can see your teeth,

You could have fooled us,

You could have fooled me.

Howerver, there is no longer any spark;

Your eyes are weeping and I am the witness of a bygone joy.

Forgive these crude words, there are not meant to hurt you. 


What is this place that have smothered y...

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Shrinking violets

Some people get snappy when Phil Thomas gets happy,

The truth causes them pain for they have no sense of humour in their brain,

They are like shrinking violets in wet weather,

They can't take to people that are clever,

They get a huge lift from Phil when all his inhibitions have gone,

When he is this way his humour is second to none,

Because the pain he carries for most of his li...

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Also by Pip Thomas:

Little prick |


entry picture





Is it a Curse .. or God's Grace 
To live alone heart and place 
Suffering what I always face 
Hopeless to be myself again 


Are these changes good for me 
To be lonely always or not to be 
To live away of what I see 
I lost my hope and brain 


Sadly to wake up and sleep 
Painful to feel yourself cheap 
Living alone hurts in deep 
I wish to know why, but in va...

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Also by Farag M. Afify:

دكتور عصافير (VET) | You're Welcome |



I could write

a thousand poems

inspired by your dimples

and the shadows they create


Poems that you 

could never

would never

should never


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entry picture

Space Snowman (Or Ultima Thule)


By: Rodolfo Perez


A man floats through space.

He’s a man, shaped like two.

Brown, iced, leaning forward,

Looking down at nothing.

He has been beaten to a pulp,

One can see the scars on his face.

There’s a story behind every dent on his rugged skin.

A moment in time he will always carry,

But never feel.

The dents on his skul...

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Also by Rodolfo Perez:

DearAmericaIWroteSomethingSadForYou | HeyAmericaIWroteSomethingForYou |


Call for Submissions: New Mills Festival Poetry Trail

entry picture

For the second time, the New Mills Festival will host a poetry trail filled with verse ranging from the silly to profound. Accepted poems will be displayed in shop windows around New Mills for the duration of the festival (13 – 29 September 2019). The theme of the festival is “The Elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire.“ Poems reflecting the theme are encouraged, but poems on other themes are also ...

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Call for SubmissionsNew Mills Festivalpoetry trailSubmissions

Who's Got Your Back?

I'm leaning against this Giant Redwood

A beating pulse spreading

From the belly of the earth

Peristaltic through my bones

I'm feeling warm and held

Feeling known and owned

Like someone/something's 

Got my back.

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Also by Hazel ettridge:

Mountain | Walking Backwards and Getting There (3) | Still Walking Backwards (2) | Walking Backwards |

A knife changing experience

Scott was travelling home from a party in his local town,

Became a victim of a knife crime,paralysed from the neck down.

He was told it had severed his spinal chord and would never walk again,

Relying on round the clock care and medication to deal with his pain.

Scott at 16  experienced the devastating consequences of  a knife attack.

Now at 27 in his wheel chair still fighting to g...

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Also by hugh:

Laura Muir ,let us praise ,double gold at The European Indoor Athletics at Glasgow |


You should know 

That I have found the answers 

To questions

I didn't even know we had.


You should know that I found answers,

And that I know what I have to do,

Not just for me,

But for you.


I will fix it, gemello.

I made you a promise. 


Anything for you.

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Also by Hallielle Rose Dawson:

The Second Sorry | No Sorry. | Ever | Overcome | The Test (haiku) | March Three | Why |

Crowbar 5 (03/08/2019)

A truth born of molars: 
people are fickle and their feet will stake them, always, in fairer weather. They do this as our ungulate friends do: grazing from pasture to pasture. 

We re hard-pressed, in life, to find people who move through the action of their eyes, upright and ahead, instead of the idleness of shuffling feet; we are hard-pressed to find people who act on principle instead of out...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

Faux saga 1 (03/05/2019) |

Crowbars and where to find them

March 2019 Collage Poem - 'In the Wardrobe'

entry picture

Silence, echoes, look at the colours

And Distant Distractions

Minks and stoles all of this reminds me of you


Silver hunter's knife

Overseer left mute

Soiled aliens desperate in Heaton Moor

Park stumble on a Mel

Brooks look-a-like


Inside the man bag, inside the wardrobe

Inside the mind, a voice, a naked voice

Lost in the wardrobe, he looked for 

Dead bodie...

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collage poemmarchStockport write out loud

When The Aliens Landed In Grimstone Low



When The Aliens Landed In Grimstone Low


The aliens came looking for intelligent life

And, not being too sure where to go

Did a three-point-turn in Heckmondwike

And landed in Grimstone low


They’d been travelling for many a lightyear

Since their capsule had left the ark

And they pulled up on Maggot-farm Boulevard

It was ten bob an hour to park 


A d...

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Also by kJ Walker:

When Hesketh Boggins Caused A K'fuffle |

The Care

entry picture

Like the air, I'm everywhere
Stare the move like the sky
Feel the vibration as the ground 
Like a security no dreams
Mirror like Water does

Irritates many a time
Difficult to haft like slime
Harden like rime
Lie again and again 

Many out there
Allures all around 
Tempting they look
But I look not

Many offer with choice
Attached with price
Attracts the eye
I welcomed them not


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if words could cry!!!

if the words could cry

there will be oceans

water turbid and gray

reflecting the pain


if the words could cry

the hurt resonates

like thunder and lightning

thunderbolts of hurt sway


if the words could cry

my tears your heart shed

every emotion eyes read

blending readers thoughts


if the words could cry

each letter would shout

the agnoy burning...

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Driving Miss Maisie

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre

Make sure you have the appropriate shoes on

Ease off the clutch when your ready to go

It’s not a race but don’t go too slow,

or they’ll fail you for not keeping

up with the flow.


It’s called not making normal progress you see

You can even overtake a car or three,

provided you take due care and attention

Not everything in the Highway Code


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Also by Fred Varden:

What’s more Important? | I fell in love with a Senior Citizen | BATTERY HEN | Questions and Answers |


Her ageing hair was swept back to be tied too tightly together
Controlled and combed but not tamed by anyone 
Other hairs on the frizzy jacket from her canine family friends
Nothing flaunted is all so much more, so sensually more

Her prim proper dress hides what I already know
Soft blonde skin scented with a familiar smell
That now roams around the air I breathe back in
Seduction of the s...

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Also by AM Cash:

The candles burn |

Cet accent

Arrivée il y a vingt-trois ans

Mais comment se fait-il 

Que vous gardez cet accent?


Cet accent, qui ne fait pas de liaison

Entre "les" et "oiseaux"

Cet accent, qui prononce "eau" comme "owe."


But do you know how to say "owe"?

And do I owe you an explanation?


Cet accent, tout le monde le comprend

Certains le trouvent charmant, voire séduisant

Cet accent ...

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Also by Etchy Mary:

Not my soulmate | I tried to write you a love song | Love in a pickup |


Dark heart

entry picture

They watch as her young heart fades into the darkness 

her wild youth disappears in front of there eyes 

moments of fear and hate runs through her like a dark black fog 

will she ever be the same? Will her heart ever heal? 

Take me back to the hot summer days when all I had was my innocence 

gone.  Just like that. Forever. 





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Also by Julianna Cole:

15 | Waterside | Time | York road |

Bad dayslostnever to be found again.


LOST CONNECTIONS                                                         

There is dignity in the dark, the unmoving:

nothing can hurt any more, nothing can

fail again, nothing can be misunderstood.

no residual good can desert me, nor my words

spill sloppily, a mild vomit, alongside those

orators all around, silvery sounds, ever on song.

I long for lost laughter but I chase af...

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Also by Peter Taylor:


Zena - Part 1

Fireman’s daughter,

Holy water,

Village fete,



Stained leather,

Birds of a feather,

Accosted bride,

Harvey ride.


Bloody post,

A mother’s ghost,

Crime doesn’t pay,


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Also by Charlie White:

You Ain't One of Us! |

#poetry #age #grandmother #life

A lady in the streets but a freak in the bed

A woman so wild ' yet classy

A horney beast and sassy.


Filthy thoughts linger in her mind

 this woman is by far, one of a kind


She's eager to please

Ready, to drop to her knees


Panties ,so wet

With every tease


Wants to do absolutely anything daring,

But won't tolerate the idea of sharing


She's to cute and caring


Between the sheets


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gods and idiots

in equal measure

the drink talking

on the night bus

to cemetery junction

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