Taking A Walk


Walk out the door

into the woods

the exercise

will do you good


Follow a trail and

follow your nose

curiosity tells you

where to go


Let feet decide

where to explore

new thoughts emerge

not there before


The mind will wander

whenever you roam

the wonder is

why you stay home.





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Don Matthews

Thu 28th Mar 2019 21:46

Forgive my flippancy
Why does it all spill out?
It even soaks in hallowed ground
What am I all about?

(Prep and softening in dk)

Walking in the woods
Skipping on hallowed ground
Trouble is I free my feet
They just go round and round

(I try to be serious but it just doesn't work...)


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 28th Mar 2019 16:12

Interesting! I've done my share of travelling in the past - including long distance walks - but there is much truth in the old saying:
home is where the heart is. Like Sinatra sings: "it's very nice to
go travelling but it's oh so nice to come home". ?

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Heart of Lead

Thu 28th Mar 2019 14:25

Always a chance of exploration and I love the question you ask of why we remain. Always a world of adventure and I always overpack socks...

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