Soul (less)

The history of 

Organised religions

Has never passed rent free

Its stressed in carven stone

Lost in craven moan

Soulless seeking souls

Reaching for a missing heaven

Misfits of recognition

Blighting of long tradition

Give them back their freedom.

Until its passed its kingdom 

To face a faithless fate

Is not to miss the gate

For those that see the strife

Can call it “thats just life”.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 19th Mar 2019 11:14

I certainly concur with much of what is written here. The freedom of
thought - a mind open in maturity to boundless possibilities - is
surely the most worthwhile of human treasures. But the human
being is a collective creature, drawn to others for reasons of
self-protection and self-advancement and the propagation of the
species. in circumstances it is comfortable with That leads me to...
How interesting that the expression "tribal"
Chimes (and rhymes) with any religious "bible".!

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