Scream me a proverb

Punch me a portrait

Kick me a scream

Throw me a lifeline

Pain me a dream


Breath me a mouthful

Exhale me a dot

Kill me twice over

Send me to rot


Hold my head under

Bleed me from eyes

Chop out my liver

Cover me in lies


Walk on beside me

While I feel myself run

Pour me your whiskey

From the mouth of a gun


Dig me up twice

Bury me again

Nurture my hatred

Feast on my pain


Show me your beauty

I’ll stab you once twice

Here I am here

Your reflection in ice


◄ My Son my sun

Vancouver 24 hour of love 1980 ►


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 8th Mar 2019 07:33

Hi Phil,

Good stuff can come from bad stuff, and here seems to be an honest appraisal of just that.

The words easily fall down the page and roll off the tongue just the same.

I also have found that eventually (if we allow it) something beautiful can come from pain, a place where we let it settle and pass over us...we take it by its ugly existence and fashion it into something meaningful we can hold up and almost say take that you bastard, don't come here trying to fuck me up!

I see all your writing as a journey Phil...I'm just waiting for the scenery to change but admiring the landscape as we go.

Thoughts and good vibes out to you pal,


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Martin Elder

Thu 7th Mar 2019 22:47

A really effective use of rhythm pace and delivery as a poem which | also feel could work well as song
Nice one

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