Mum looks out of the photowallet

on a special day, specially posed,

a spray of flowers on an oak ashtray column

to one side,

her hands neatly folded on her lap

in that bloom of confidence

that says it's ok finally to be alone

as long as people still care

which of course we do and they do.


It sits in my shadow undefeated,

a beacon to light a corner.

It's not quite a shrine,

but has the quality that makes it deserving to be one.

Traditional homillies would say

they've met up on the other side,

but death may not be that simple.

Still, looked at from this side

or from any side,

it still shines, and that's good enough for me.




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Wed 6th Mar 2019 16:19

A bit late back on this, sorry folks.

Thank you all for your likes: Frances, Rachel, Anya and Dorothy.

David, I understand what you say mate. I was astride two camps as I often am, trying to draw out all the strands of feeling. It's nice to be followed in that trend, and your nose for it is faultless. Thanks a lot.

Ah Kate - also my mum's name! I like to give respect to all subjects I foster, glad this resonated.

Thank you

Bless you Rich. This just came out of the blue.

Cheers all.


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Sun 3rd Mar 2019 20:42

Wonderful poem, Ray, beautiful. Still shines, great line.

<Deleted User> (19913)

Sun 3rd Mar 2019 13:38

Hi Ray, this is truly beautiful. I hope I'm remembered with such vivid tenderness.

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