No more of this.....

No more of this.....


Tectonic plates yield to immense pressure

beneath the ocean´s surface out of sight

Those above are unaware of the force unleashed

a power of amassing destruction rolls forward


Beneath the veneer of our corrupt society

germinate the seeds of resentment and anger

A force is about to manifest itself

as it did in Paris and St. Petersburg


Apathy will not pass unnoticed or unpunished

the idle and wealthy will meet their tidal wave

So called democracies will be exposed

as the King with no clothes


Presidents for life and tyrants

will be swept along on the crest of destruction

The tsunami will stop for nought in its path

it is long overdue and eagerly sought


Recovery and reconstruction will have no need

for ideology or religion, a common endeavour embracing all

The sea will calm itself in time

wealth will lie at the bottom of the ocean

with hope fixed firmly on dry land above

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 10th Mar 2019 17:19

When the governed feel that those who take on the power and responsibility to govern are using those to benefit their own ends it can signal the possibility of something dramatic and dangerous to
occur. Humanity and nature are linked and the analogy here is
apposite. Stand by for a potential politically induced earthquake!

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Martin Elder

Sun 10th Mar 2019 15:34

I love the analogy of the king with no clothes here Keith underpinned with geo-physical interpretation.

Nice one

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