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A World War is declared
by the smallest living beings
against the smartest of the creation
while all others wars have stopped.
At least for the time being...
The weapon race is ceased
No missiles are fired
No suicide bombers in action these days
No mosques or churches demolished any more
All warriors have reverted back to their shells
(how brave)
The sceptre of the mighty creature has t...

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To each of us, our own mountains
Of ego, anger, and countless wishes
Heaps of deadly snakes of jealousy
Eerie glaciers of cold relationship
Volcanos of wrath and revenge

To each of us, our own mountains
which mark our destiny.
Standing tall between us
and our loved ones,
insurmountable they seem.

To each of us, our own mountains
which can be paved only by love.

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Human Cake

What a sight!

What a sight!

Come and try human cake

To the baker's delight.

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We all maze runners
keep following
 the unchosen paths,
chasing the unrealistic desires
We keep on sprinting
fate follows us closely,
No time to look behind
No chance to stop and wonder
No sign to follow our destination.
Turning into an alley each time
we are caught by the unawares
"Is that my Cheese?": Fascination
"Ah! these thorns in my feet!": Gehenna
"Those never-ending alleys!"...

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An Unsung Tale

How my heart ached

as it dawned on me:

"I'm the part removed

to save the whole

and then left to rot

buried in a hole."


How empty the look

she last gave me!

"I am alive, not dead"

my heart screamed

forlorn and forsaken.

"But for us!" she deemed.


How arduous the toil

since the path is steep!

On the sunless days

stumbling over memories

I yearn...

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Humanity Washed Ashore

Refuges looking everywhere

for shelter, peace

and a morsel to eat 

are driven away from all shores.

The sea-water has swept away

many hopes for life.

As ruthless currents overturn their boat

their bodies swarm the seashore

where vultures and death-eaters sit expectant.

They are thankful

to the inventors of war.

Today humanity has been crowned

while many dreams h...

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Talking To The Dead

"I talked to her

and she kissed me too."

"Are you insane?

It can't be true.

You are a simple soul

undone by grief.

Or was it a dream?"

"Nay, Nay, she came.

She looked at me and smiled.

Her contenance was light

and I stood bewildered

until she called my name.

I wept and shrieked,

'After all these days

You finally speak!

Tell me the reason

why you le...

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A Prayer

Six fathoms deep my mother lies

Yet I walk above, how my hearts cries!

O' Lord of the world, O' Master of the skies,

Thou hast all powers on who lives or dies.

Grant her paradise, grant her peace, O' Wise!

Grant her all love; Thy greatness who denies?

Six fathoms deep my mother lies

It's been one year - how my heart cries...

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Cry of a feminist

Is it fit
to get hit?
For tiny bits
he beats or smits.

When he vomits
all the shit,
she's scared
out of wits.

How oblong,
how unfit
for any woman
to get hit!



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They are not away;

they stay close to me.

They are not lost;

they live in me.

They have not forgot,

nor forsaken me.

Just a branch is cut

to save the tree.

To live happily

they've set me free.

I am ready to accept

the fate's decree.

Just a tiny wish

that in happy times,

may they look back in life

and think of me.

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A Bark Scorpion is caught in a trap.

I look at it

and behold the pain in

the lateral eyes of the yellow arachnid.

Its convulsive movements

freeze my steps.

I release the trap and step back.

It approaches me

and stings on my foot

Yes scorpions sting.

That's their way

of demonstrating gratitude.

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Shadows lurkin' in the dark
Mingling, dwindling, taking new forms
As if like mist they've risen suddenly
Clear, murky or grotesque figures
Each shadow has its own story
First there's a tall girl caressing her child
Though it's shadow I can feel her smile
It evanesces gradually to take a new form
A toddler chuckling, chased by its mom
Next I see the child grow tall
And a labouring mothe...

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My end is near
So near that I can smell
my rotting flesh.
The air is still
and full of dread.
No cries of pain escape my lips,
just silence rules
proclaiming the coming disaster
and all that I want
is a peaceful end.

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