A Lonely Memory

I wanted to tell the story of us
I realize you bring the better version of me out
I fell apart in the shower the night you left me
Is it better for me to say goodnight?

I became friends with straight razor and a lighter 
I can't fall asleep lately 
The nightmare of you dying in my arms is on the repeat
I fell apart in the shower the night you left me

So tell me what's good about my situation
I'm here missing you on the edge of suicidal thoughts
I wish you was as bound your promise like I was
Then I wouldn't be alone crying trying sleep at night

So what's so fair about this now?
The pitch of your voice brings me to my knees
I got lost in your voice every time you spoke
I'll stay inside for the world doesn't see me

◄ Southern Belle

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Jason Bayliss

Fri 22nd Mar 2019 22:49

Sad, so sad, but beautifully written.


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