I bow down to the motherland

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I bow to the motherland 

Wednesday,6th March 2019 


My holy land 

you belong to all from your end

we are all sons of the soil

and so avail the sacred attachment 


how many we absorbed  

but never hated

anyone on their religion

and showed the path of non-violence the region


even foreign invaders stayed

with their culture and merged

their allegiance to the culture 

and thus India i.e.bharat was secured 


no one claimed a slice of the land 

but mixed with people like sugar in the milk 

India belonged to all

but alas! there is the creation of a wall 


disruptive forces are on rising

we are all surprising

"Vande Matram"* is disrespected

deliberate alienation created 


Vande Mataram* I bow to the motherland 


Hasmukh Mehta

Courtesy: Tanvir sadiq 



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