In Her Shoes

First of all I am apologetic for injecting too much of self into someone's principled privacy. It pained me to an extent yesterday after I read the response that she lose herself sometimes when she read the poetic lines that heap praise on the persona she is bestowed upon. While I was feeling little remorseful on the entire account, I had a realm of thoughts and I couldn’t hold back myself and therefore I penned them down. The thought reflected not my side but it was my anticipation of her position wondering on the series of such virtual texting .


It was just after dinner yesterday

I crawled into my bed and there I lay,

My fingers ran on the screen of my phone

Updates, texts and news about the unknown

My eyes scrutinized this epic message…

I struggled to comprehend the verses at first,

After re-reading I wondered how the world has grown,

People are still in cocoons and only a cocoon they own.

Excited and depressed both, I flay

The misadventure of a colleague who had his say.


What sort of men are these, one like him?

Respect and regards depleted, my answer is grim;

What does he think of himself? I pity his age.

Praising and approaching this way is no less than a carnage.

Writing stories and heaping praise is just a feature

And now I understand that his nobility is just vain and fake

Impression engraved and expression for self advantage,

I hate such hypocrites who voice for an arbitrage.

Hurt by his intentions, the story stands trim…

My emotions cheated and my hatred reached the brim.


What is this obsession – reacting on a display face?

I am a human too and I have my liberty and space.

What mental statuses such people hold – lewd & nefarious!

People like him are a blot to society, scary and injurious.

I thought of him reasonable and mature,

Alas! The manner he showed is intoxicating and childish;

Men like him devastate and their character is spurious,

Even when I read the verses it drives me furious.

It isn’t a poetry but a pure disgrace,

O God!  Why such people exist who are a menace?


In my anguish about the episode I put my phone to rest,

I pulled the quilt over my head and sought the sleep best.

Thoughts dangled around and I felt entangled in some net,

I got out from my bed, reached out to mirror and did jet…

My anger reached a high and had he been around,

I’d have tarnished him and made him feel the pain;

Why can’t the minds think of simplicity, why don’t they let?

Why don’t they let their false egos go? Why they keep it an asset?

Tears swell in my eyes and all this at whose behest,

What for people heap praise, why putting emotions to test?


I read the above lines almost four-five times and when I read each verse my conscience pierced me. I felt as if I was in a courtroom and stood in the custody box in front of a jury and a judge for my deeds awaiting a verdict. Ridiculed, I stopped writing and ended my word-stud painting.


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