Memento Mori

In a dark corner a unsettling evil drifts
Into the open-air of the womb that consumed
All light that was visible at the time
The boards are creaking miserably with a violent melody
I unravel the fabric laid around my body
With one spring of a movement I was vertical again
For death itself cannot steal the light no more
When I checked the floor was not cracking
For has my mind faded into insanity

So I laid my body's back into the fabric hopelessness
When the hunting cracking started again
Getting closer to my bedroom door
Turned too a haze this incubus must have came
For I've must be lost in this plagued of a nightmare
At this moment the pungent smell of death
Slowly gripping my throat lodging the air from coming out
I wish this was a dream but death has came for the light
Should I solemnly embrace the death that's claimed me
Or fight this endless horror of a night?

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<Deleted User> (19913)

Mon 11th Mar 2019 20:34

A juicy moment of horror and dread captured well.

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Heart of Lead

Mon 11th Mar 2019 18:44

Very dark. You have captured the essence of waiting in horrific patience. Well done.

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