When I dance in my minds eye with angels.

And fear being deserted and alone.

I saw the old woman in the church yard 

saying another goodbye at the same stone

painting another farewell scene of ancient love.

And I don’t fear that which lies beneath the grass

deep in soil and farewell clothes 

and trinkets of memories sent on a journey

of hopeless hopes and boundless groundless

prayers for salvation and loss so much loss.

And pain so much pain endless pain.

To walk on the path and see transcendent light

floating in the midst of the mind just out of sight.

I envied the ones whose certainty opens the eye to believe.

Then I met an American who told me about Adam and Eve.

And thought about my mum and dad 

who couldn’t eat fruit because of the war.

And thought that an apple was 

a poor excuse for revenge and saw the humour

in a god who played these games and thought he is a joker.

And then laughed at the stupidity of certainty

that still makes us ponder mans duality.

A fight for life that dances around and around forever.

But where does it go as we weave our paths?

Where are all the loves we never met?

Everything all of it all of it everything.

There in the wavering past which dances

To its own long written tune and sings the song

That tells us we have to live on in 

the future time of unplanned 

but unbound limitless deceit. 


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Mon 4th Mar 2019 16:43

Hi Phil. I'm intrigued about the American, who he was and why the story had an impact, or didn't it? He came to my mind at the end of the poem. For some stupid reason I started thinking of Glenn Miller who carried the secret of his death to the grave.

Sad that life offers up so many questions for us of the imaginative type.


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Heart of Lead

Mon 4th Mar 2019 05:03

Very powerful. You have beautifully captured the duality of life and death and the belief or lack that shapes it for every individual.

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