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What Beauty Wrought

One day I looked in the mirror
I think to try and see
My reflection clearer 
She stared back at me and I said
This girl is now dead.

I looked at all the things I hated
Things I made and used
And understated 
I pointed my heart at the glass-

And shot.

They say things only get slower
The day you end your life. 
I found the time still to cower
In front of my aching
Weary soul

Things I had not done or said
Came back to me
With alarming dread
In front of goddess, self, and throne,
I was completely alone

It was then I made my decision
I made it swiftly
But with precision 
‘Twas time to respect the brightness
Goddess gave me as my likeness

I stared at hair so brown and meek
And saw quite at once
How it was sleek
I saw my eyes and in them
I found myself a kingdom.

I found at once, As all men do
That beauty belongs
To those who ask it to
Never was a human alike
But doubt of words must strike

I thought it through and told myself
I no longer want to live
On ugly’s shelf
Confidence swam through me then
And I was beautiful again.

What I learned is simple to
I suppose
The best of you
But to me it seemed so very new
And in my heart like fire it grew.

Beauty is not reds and pinks
Or soft silks and velvets
Or blush on your cheeks
Beauty is the confidence
You use with who you’re dealing with

I changed my definition then to be
The man who acts
The girl who sings
The woman who when nothing else
Will work for others more than self

I beg of you; if you should learn
One thing from my story
Let it be that men are easily turned
Into those that hate
What beauty hath made

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