Nab Me a Seat

In a crowded bar, we nab a table,

acquiring a seat, in case we lose out.


Taking for self incurs disadvantage

for others, as we take their rightful share.


So we look out for ourselves, determined

that we gain advantage through selfishness.


Making us fight for everything drives

division, isolation and mistrust.


We compete for resources, just in case

someone else beats us and claims victory.


Competition creates this scarcity,

although bounty is not found in plenty.


Bounty is found through share and share alike,

trusting that you receive your equal share.


Bounty feeds true human relationships,

fosters love and builds real communities.

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Don Matthews

Sat 16th Mar 2019 08:50

Ah Rich. If we could just learn not to be so selfish. Maybe I'm asking the impossible. Maybe it's in our genes. The me-first gene.

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