New York 1979

Twenty years old

By six days


New boss on the line

I’m very cocky feeling fine.

“Have you travelled”…

“Of course I’ve travelled,

Ive been to Bridlington”.

“Good then New York

will be a doddle

for such a sophisticate”.

I say I can’t wait

But I feel like somethings bait.


Joining first big ship

Making such a primary trip

Making first flight

Eye’s shining bright

“Would you like an aperitif”

Erm….. Much sucking of teeth

What the hell is going on

Things are going quite remiss

They're not even speaking english

Masks for breathing when we decompress

This flying larks a bit of a stress.


Sat with an interested frown

Trying not to be a clown

Looking very very optimistic

Feeling very pessimistic

Trolly Dollies are great

Know I’m in a little state.

I’m asking all the questions

Looking back funny reflections

“Will my bag get there” and

“Where are we, what is that water”

“I don’t know, I don’t know and the sea”

They straight faced tell me.


Landing safely in New York

Rolling up have a smoke

Listening to noises

Smelling smells

Feeling sort of special

Customs scary 

As only customs can be

Feeling like you’ve a K of coke

When really your just

A lonely scared young bloke

Suddenly all is well

Suddenly I feel quite swell


Fella standing in a crowd

Sign with my name writ in loud

Sort of regaining the swagger

Look at me you travelling folks

There’s a chauffeur come for this bloke

I’m walking tall through the crowd

Trying to talk a little bit loud

Yes I’m an international jet setter

I do this all the time don’t cha know

Hull to New York I’ve always said

Is really quite the common thing

But then I remembered who I was

And my last great journey lark

was the 15 bus from Orchard Park.

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keith jeffries

Tue 5th Mar 2019 22:46


A story within a poem which is filled with the humour of a first time experience.
I enjoyed this.

Thank you

<Deleted User> (21487)

Tue 5th Mar 2019 20:17

this is a world I have no knowledge of - and yet you bring it to life -
I can experience it to through your words.

This why i like this poetry blog - so much to read - so many new things to experience.

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