Australian Government. Tell Oil Companies GTFO Our Great Australian Bight

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Australian Government. Tell Oil Companies GTFO Our Great Australian Bight


We've messed up the Great Barrier Reef

Now what other spot can we plunder?

Come in eco-criminals and sink your oil wells

Welcome to Australia Down Under


Our Government has smart politicians

Make the right decisions, never blunder

85% fish species found no-where else in the world

Welcome to Australia Down Under


Make Australia Less Great Again is their motto

A policy full of promise and wonder

Promoted everywhere as the MALGA acronym

Welcome to Australia Down Under


Don Matthews February 2019


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Don Matthews

Thu 7th Mar 2019 14:51

Yes Dorothy. Big business have governments in their pocket. They provide big money.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Thu 7th Mar 2019 14:36

Don Good photo
Governments all over the world are ignoring the stark warnings held within poems and videos like these.

Why? dare I suggest that they (Governments) are not in control -business is,
and dareI I suggest that, Trump like, some members of 'Government' have a lot to gain.

Or am I just cynically spreading 'fake news'


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Graham Sherwood

Thu 7th Mar 2019 09:34

Been down there a couple of times Don. Don’t let them touch it! One of the most inspiring places I’ve ever been to. If anyone can piss the Government off a poet can. Go for it!!

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keith jeffries

Thu 7th Mar 2019 09:24


Well said. If the planet were left to the devices of the corporate world we would be in a perpetual desert. More governments should emulate the Australian decision.
Good poem. Topical.

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