My heart is crying

Look at the tears 

Look at the fears

If tears were ears

We’d hear the world

The world weeping

For the pain of lost youth


We can build a bomb

But we cant build a cure.


If tears were eyes

We’d see them all

All the brave young hearts

Fighting to beat

Beating to fight 

On fragile feet

The one step flight

Two step dance

Survivals stance


We can build a bomb

But we cant build a cure.


Poison mocking life

Cellular strife

The fated hated

Always debated

Wasteful humanity

Wasting humanity

We can build a bomb 

but we can’t build a cure.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 13th Mar 2019 17:26

A cri de coeur against a disease that seems to have become emblematic of the malaises affecting humanity in the modern world.
The fight goes on - to discover HOW it can occur and thereafter
be successfully forced into remission or removed to prevent further
disease. The former seems to have its origins in such varied forms
and based on such varied reasons/causes that locating the "trigger"
in individual circumstances presents the medical profession with its
ongoing challenge. Not insurmountable, I'm sure, given the
commitment, care and funding that is occurring nowadays.

<Deleted User> (21487)

Wed 13th Mar 2019 09:40


I have clicked on like - but like is the wrong word.
Your poem says everything, I won't attempt to comment on it.

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